Loving The Freebie

February 17, 2011 in Find It / Buy It, General, Tips & Tricks

I can say without hesitation that I love, LOVE free stuff. I am a sucker for a BOGO (buy one, get one) and I feel giddy when a gift with purchase comes my way. I must confess that sometimes for me, a free embroidery design can be better then roses and a box of chocolates!¬† Okay…maybe not that good…but right up there.

I have found free designs offered from so many different websites, and I like to try these freebies before buying other designs from new sites. I also like to stitch out a sample before using a free design on my projects. This way I get to know the design quality and get a feel for the way the design was created.  In addition, I feel better about purchasing designs from sites that offer freebies that allow me to try before I buy.

I have been only collecting these innocent pleasures for a little over four years now, and I have built up quite a collection. In the beginning I downloaded any free design I could find, weather or not it was something that I even liked. Now, I am a little more selective and I like to keep everything organized using my Designer’s Gallery StudioPlus software. I love how it allows me to view my designs without importing them into other design software packages, or transferring them to my Baby Lock embroidery machine. I am also able to catalog designs, so that I no longer waste time searching for that one perfect design.

One of my favorite sites is Amazing Designs at Each month they offer two new free designs and have a varied selection. I am sure you will be able to find a design that will fit with a project you have wanted to create.  You can also find some great freebies at Urban Threads and Embroidery Library.

We would love for you to share, where do you go for your freebies?

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