Magic Buttons

December 11, 2008 in General

I write a lot about getting creative with fabric, but what about some of our favorite embellishments, enclosures and notions? As you can see above, sometimes you don’t need fabric to sew something beautiful.

Artist Lisa Kokin creates astonishing works of art using buttons and other small objects. The buttons are woven together with patterns that are just as beautiful close up:

Kokin also creates amazing sculptures, installations, sewn photos (trust me, it’s awesome) and sculptures and collages made from books. If you’re lucky enough to live in the San Francisco area, you can even attend one of her classes.

Really, I don’t know what else to say – it’s just so incredible! Check out the rest of her portfolio at her site. It’s making me see everything on my desk in a whole new light. I wonder what other cool effects could be created by sewing unconventional objects together. Any ideas?

3 responses to Magic Buttons

  1. The button face man look absolutely freaky! May I contact the designer to use a photo on tee-shirts?

  2. I’m sure there is contact information on her web site…

  3. These are awesome! It makes want to check my button stash and see what I can do…heck, why stop with just my buttons!

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