Make Your Own Clothes!

October 25, 2010 in Find It / Buy It, General

I have to admit, I’m always amazed when I compliment someone on something they’re wearing and they reply with, “Oh, I made this.” My jaw can’t help but hit the ground and I’m completely in aw.

While browsing the web, I ran across this book, Make Your Own Clothes. It’s as if the sky parted, a beam of light shined down and a voice spoke to me saying, “Kendra, you should look into this!” So, here I am, inspired and knowing more than before and daring to make something.

Make Your Own ClothesIf you know the feeling, check out Make Your Own Clothes. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step full color photography for key stages. All patterns featured in the book are included in the accompanying PatternMaker CD (all you have to do is enter your measurements). What could be easier! Hopefully you’ll be as inspired as I.

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