Making an Applique Letter with MasterWorks III

January 1, 2013 in Tips & Tricks

This is my first tutorial using print screen images, so, forgive me if it needs some work!

If you own the program MasterWorks III or are looking to purchase it, check out this nifty aspect of the program. I learned this little trick from a co-worker! You can import a true type font and make it a large letter applique! First, you’ll go to the MWIII circle icon in the top left corner. Click on it and then, click on the “Import TTF Artwork…” listed in the drop down menu.

The Import TTF Artwork box will pop up and you can type in your text, as well as, select the font that you would like to have digitized. I just wanted to applique a large “L” so that is what I typed in my text box. Then, click on the “select” button to pick the font you’d like.

Below shows the font selection box…select OK when finished.

Here is my artwork “L” (I re-sized it to make it large enough to fit my 160mm x 260mm; the largest frame that comes with my Baby Lock Esante).

Go into “Apply Stitches” and go down to “applique” and select it.

You can then change any applique settings in your properties box.

I changed my applique width to 6.0mm and you can adjust your density according to what it looks like on the screen.

And then, if you’d like, add a MasterWorks III font over the top of your newly digitized applique letter.

If you would like to try out the programs capabilities, test out our MasterWorks III free trial. The trial allows you to explore what this program can do, but, does not allow you to take the design to your machine. The screen is a really good indicator as to how it will stitch out (as well as, the stitch simulator).

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  1. Thank you! I love this and look forward to more Masterworks III tips and hints!!!

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