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April 17, 2013 in News, Stitchin Women

Heather Valentine from The Sewing LoftOur list of amazingly talented bloggers is constantly growing, and today we’re pleased to welcome Heather Valentine to the Totally Stitchin’ family. We love Heather’s unique style and creative spirit, and she loves “reclaiming creativity” with her Baby Lock machines.

Heather does most of her sewing on the Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold, but she also has an Imagine serger and a Baby Lock Grace. “I love my Ellisimo Gold. I even talked my mother into getting one,” Heather said. “It’s so user-friendly and very utilitarian; I use it all the time!”

Heather started sewing at an early age and became especially interested as a teenager. Like so many of us, she enjoyed a bit of rebellion during her high school years. With what she refers to as a “rocker edge” Heather just couldn’t find anything in stores that truly fit her style—so she started designing and making her own clothes.

She may have left her edgy style behind, but Heather’s love of design stuck with her. After high school she decided to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. “I didn’t apply anywhere else,” Heather said. “I loved it and knew I was going there.”

After graduating, Heather worked for various companies for about 20 years and spent a lot of time in clothing factories. For many years she was a technical designer responsible for product development at the Children’s Place. Though she enjoyed her job, she always had a dream to start her own business.

“I came home from work one day and my husband said there was something on the computer for me. After a little while I finally looked to see what it was, and saw that he had written my resignation,” Heather said. “It was time for me to get out there and do this for myself, and he was the push to get me there.”

Today Heather is the owner of The Sewing Loft and focuses on easy-to-follow patterns that offer a way for others to “reclaim creativity”. Some of Heather’s influence may have come from her sewing mom who often “reclaimed” her old clothes by transforming them into something young Heather could wear.

Heather hopes to bring this idea to the Totally Stitchin’ community and inspire others to add their own style to projects.  “You can reclaim anything you want. You don’t have to stitch what everyone else is making. It makes me cringe when people say they can’t do it,” Heather said. “I hope to encourage people to break down inhibitions and step out and follow creativeness.”

In the future, Heather will focus on working with children to help foster creativity from an early age.  Also keep a look out for Heather’s new patterns with Simplicity and in various sewing publications. You can follow Heather at The Sewing Loft or on Facebook.  If you like Heather’s style, visit The Sewing Loft Etsy Shop to pick up some cute patterns and start reclaiming your creativity.

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