Meet Kate from See Kate Sew

December 13, 2013 in Stitchin Women

Totally Stitchin': Meet Kate from See Kate Sew

Some people just know what they’re meant to do. Kate Blocher was born to sew. She started sewing as a girl and decided in college that it was how she wanted to spend every day. In 2013, Kate joined the Totally Stitchin’ community with hopes to spread her passion for young, trendy projects to other sewing enthusiasts.

Kate grew up in a sewing household. Her mom sewed what she remembers as “amazing Halloween costumes” as well as clothes for Kate’s doll. Kate drew inspiration from her mom and eventually taught herself the art. “My mom taught me the basics like how to use the machine and to not cut paper with the sewing scissors,” Kate said. “From there I taught myself by sewing with commercial patterns.”

Kate currently sews on a Baby Lock Melody and serges with a Baby Lock Diana. “Diana and Melody are my BFFs! I love their cute names, but I also love how solid and functional they are. My favorite feature of the Melody is the alphabet embroidery function. I love stitching “see kate sew” on my garments and things. The Diana’s coverstitch is my favorite serger feature.”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Kate from See Kate Sew

See Kate Sew” refers to Kate’s brand name and blog largely dedicated to modern children’s fashion. Kate has always loved sewing, and decided while doing her undergraduate work at Brigham Young University that it’s all she really wanted to do. “My freshman year I was really undecided about my major. When people asked me what I wanted to do, I said, ‘I just want to sew all day.’ Sewing has just always been my creative outlet. I was a hardcore Vogue subscriber for years and the dresses were completely inspiring to me. My roommate pushed me to look into the Home Ec major, and it was meant for me!”

Still, after completing her undergrad work, Kate went in a completely different direction: family studies. “I loved studying child development and family relations, but I never imagined myself in a career in that field, I just liked writing papers about it!” Kate went back to graduate school 12 days after having her first child, but quit the next day. “It was a good wake-up call for me in deciding if what I was pursuing was really practical with a family at home. I started my blog about a month later and never looked back. While I still love child development and family studies, my real passion is in my undergraduate work of clothing design. I’m so grateful that it has turned into a career for me, it’s just so much fun.”

Kate’s kids get to join the fun, too. Since her patterns are primarily children’s clothing, her kids (ages three years and one year) get to do the modeling. “They are usually my models and work for chocolate and toys,” Kate said with a smile.

In the Totally Stitchin’ community, Kate joins bloggers like Lindsay Wilkes and Patty Young who also specialize in children’s clothing. Like Lindsay and Patty, Kate hopes to bring a fresh perspective to garment sewing, “I’m excited to bring young and trendy projects to Totally Stitchin’. I’m not a traditional seamstress in a lot of ways and I hope I can bring some practical but fashionable projects to the table.”

Kate and her family recently moved, so she’s been doing a lot of sewing for around the house, too. “I don’t really limit myself to any one type of sewing. I bounce back and forth between sewing for myself and my kids and throw home projects in the mix as needed. We just moved into our first house, so you can expect lots of home projects in the near future! One of my most popular posts is my ombre triangle quilt that I made for my baby girl before she was born last year!”

You can find other projects like the Ombre Triangle Quilt at  Remember to follow Kate on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, too, and stay tuned for more from Kate in 2014!

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