Meet Katy Dill of No Big Dill

September 29, 2014 in Stitchin Women

Six young kids running around, dinner on the stove, and the sewing machine humming? “No Big Dill” says Katy Dill, the newest member to the Totally Stitchin’ Community.  Katy loves to embrace her creativity—even if that means it’s in between helping kids with homework and working on the garden—she enjoys every bit of it.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Katy Dill of No Big Dill

One section of Katy’s blog, No Big Dill, is dedicated to sewing tutorials. For these she uses three Baby Lock machines—the Ovation serger, Crescendo and the Sashiko. “I am loving them! They are such a joy to sew on,” Katy said. “On the Crescendo, I love the automatic thread cutter, presser foot lowering button, and needle threader. Those are spoiling me. I also love how the machine really keeps the fabric moving through, even if it’s several layers and on an edge or corner.  I’ve been very impressed with how it handles small details like that.”

Katy has even found special uses for some of the smart features powered by IQ Technology. “I also have been pleasantly surprised by the Guide Beam.  I thought it would be fun for my kids (and it is!), but I have found myself using it for sewing darts.  I love that I can see exactly how to angle the fabric to get a nice sharp and symmetrical dart.”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Katy Dill of No Big Dill

Katy has been sewing since she can remember, and dedicates her life to creativity. She was raised by two artists. Her mom designs and creates wool hooked rugs and her dad paints, carves wood, and does anything else that he can get his creative hands on.  At one point he started a floral business called “In Your Vase” and a younger Katy was in charge of the tiny, detailed orders like head wreathes and corsages. “The details. I adore the details,” Katy said. Her sentiment for details carries into her sewing projects, too. From projects focused on one tiny detail like her Ms. Pacman dress and her Cut Out Tutorial to the fact that nearly every project features her signature, “No Big Dill” stitched out somewhere on the fabric, you can see attention to small details in everything Katy sews.

Now that Katy is the creative parent, she brings her family into it, too. Her blog covers everything Katy lives on a daily basis—from taking care of her kids to remodeling her home to sewing tutorials and recipes. Things Katy’s kids like to eat inspire many of her recipes, such as her DIY Oatmeal Packets.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Katy Dill of No Big Dill

One thing you may not find on her blog is that Katy even makes music with her children. She often spends evenings playing duets with her oldest daughter—Katy on the harp and her daughter on the flute. Now, we know… a cooking, sewing, mom of six who also plays the harp? That’s impressive!  Katy has a number of other fun, quirky interests and is always thrilled to talk about them. Follow Katy on Instagram at @nobigdillkaty and be sure to check out her blog. Feel free to ask her about all of her fun hobbies including her piano playing, her interest in bee keeping, and of course, her sewing!

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