Meet Kelly Bowser of Kelby Sews

March 11, 2013 in Stitchin Women

Totally Stitchin': Meet Kelly Bowser of Kelby Sews

Meet Kelly Bowser, self-taught modern quilter! Kelly’s one of the newest additions to the Totally Stitchin’ group. Her life has been an adventure, and she puts that excitement into her every stitch.  She’s moved 18 times, has a Law Degree that’s “collecting dust”, and spends her days raising two young boys and a Yellow Labrador mix. Though she enjoyed school, Kelly has forgone a career in law for a life at home, and spends her spare time sewing and quilting on her Baby Lock Symphony and Baby Lock Tiara.

“It was never my life plan to stay at home, but life changes,” Kelly said.  In 2010, Kelly decided she wanted to learn to sew, so she asked for a machine for her birthday. Though she’s always considered herself creative, she has never taken sewing or quilting classes and is entirely self-taught.  “I started with making a gift. That way I had to force myself to learn—I had to finish that quilt,” Kelly said.

When it comes to sewing, Kelly has dabbled in a bit of everything, but tends to avoid garments.  “There’s an element in clothing that is terrifying—getting the right fit is difficult. I would have to take a class I think,” Kelly said. Difficulty may steer Kelly away from garment sewing, but a certain level of impatience may add to her dislike for it as well.

“I’m kind of low on patience,” Kelly said. “I like to get things done.”  This mentality applies to quilting, too.  “I don’t mind piecing, but I love the quilting.  Free-motion is so much faster!”

If she gets bored while working on a large quilt, Kelly likes to sew bags and zipper pouches.  “It’s good for in between projects for that immediate gratification. Sometimes I like to back away from a bigger project and make a zipper pouch. Plus, they make great gifts,” Kelly said.

Though she has never taken a class, she has taught a few times in her life. She was a Teacher’s Assistant while doing her undergraduate work and used that teaching experience to lead a class at the Sewing Summit in 2012.  “Teaching is so rewarding,” she said. “I love breaking things down in small steps, and since I’m self-taught it’s easier to break things down and add some extra, helpful hints I have discovered along the way.”

You can also find Kelly on her blog, Kelby Sews, and on her Facebook fan page. Stop by, show her some love, and help us welcome her to the Totally Stitchin’ community!

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