Meet Lindsay Conner from Craft Buds & Lindsay Sews!

March 23, 2015 in Stitchin Women

Have you ever been stuck while trying a new technique and turned to the online sewing community for advice? Or maybe you were looking for inspiration and found just what you needed on a favorite blog?  Our new friend, Lindsay Conner, has made a living in sewing thanks to the support of other sewers and cooperation with the online sewing community. She recently started quilting with a Baby Lock Melody and Baby Lock Tiara, and we’re proud to welcome her to the Totally Stitchin’ community and growing network of Baby Lock bloggers.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews
According to Lindsay, you don’t land your dream job by wishing for it. One of the most important aspects of her career has been networking. For years, Lindsay worked odd jobs in writing and editing making connections with many people on her path to find an opportunity to express her creativity and make a living doing it.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews

Lindsay currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and baby boy, pictured above wearing a bow tie and shorts that Lindsay made!

“It took me nearly a decade of writing for free, sewing for pennies, and taking on random odd jobs (like promoting body wash at the grocery store, writing about port-a-potties or editing an astronaut’s memoir) to get to the kind of craft-related writing and work I enjoy doing today. My husband is a successful freelance writer, and he has a similar story. If you want to get into a new career but don’t know exactly what you’d like to do for a living, my best advice is to stick with it and be willing to try lots of new things. Eventually, you may find your sweet spot in an unexpected place,” Lindsay said. Today she is an author, editor and contributor to many sewing publications and blogs, as well as founder of and co-founder of

 Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews

“The Monday after I graduated college, I started working full-time for a book publisher. The cubicle life was a good starting place for me to learn a lot of what I do now with writing and editing, but it also fueled my need to be creative,” Lindsay said. Lindsay continued to work her desk job and freelance on the side. She didn’t sit around and wait for an opportunity to come to her. When she got the creative itch, she bought a sewing machine and started educating herself on all things sewing. Eventually she started designing her own patterns in the evenings after coming home from her day job. When she submitted her first pattern for publishing in a book (the adorable “Hugh Manatee”), she was hooked.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews

Lindsay had learned to sew thanks to the support of the online community, and returned the favor through tips and tutorials on her craft blogs ( and Lindsay Sews is a more personal blog that includes insights on Lindsay’s life whereas CraftBuds is a project she started with a friend that is dedicated to helping others in the crafting community turn their hobby into something profitable.

“I am just so happy to know that I could offer advice to help someone else take the next step in their creative journey, whether that’s contributing to a magazine or trying to make a living doing what they love.”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews

To help support the sewing community, Lindsay contributes to many magazines and blogs and has attended blogger-specific events such as The Sewing Summit, which is actually where she first used a Baby Lock machine. Not long after Sewing Summit, Lindsay had another experience with Baby Lock that she’ll never forget. A close friend, Melissa, had just lost her husband and to help her while she grieved, Lindsay wanted to teach her how to quilt. When Melissa was looking for a sewing machine, she had a life-changing experience with her local Baby Lock retailer, Select Sewing in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“The retailer had no idea, but Melissa had just come home from gathering her husband’s ashes. She later told me the story about how that man had really changed her life with his kindness, especially having no idea what she had been going through personally. It’s stories like these that help me remember how much a random act of kindness can change someone’s day, or even their life.”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Lindsay Conner of Craftbuds & Lindsay Sews

It’s the generosity of sewers, like that Baby Lock retailer, that keeps Lindsay going. She keeps community in mind with all of her endeavors.  In fact, she even included many other sewers in her first book, Modern Bee. “When I wrote my book Modern Bee, I worked with a group of very talented contributors. For many of them, it was their first time having a project published. It’s really special to me to be able to bring people together around a common mission and share in putting our creative stamp on something together. It’s not about me and how much I can accomplish alone. It’s not about comparing who has this many likes or that many friends. I really want to help others succeed in what they are doing. That’s part of the reason I spend a lot of my time writing for other places like Craftsy and Stash Books, because I really believe in and want to support them!”

You can continue to support the sewing community, too by visiting Lindsay’s blogs and checking out her book. Lindsay’s second book is due out this winter, so keep your eyes open for that, too!

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