Meet Miranda from One Little Minute

October 16, 2015 in Stitchin Women

There are few wasted moments in the life of Miranda Anderson. The garment designer and seamstress regularly leads craft workshops at and around her home outside of Austin, Texas, and manages a successful do-it-yourself and lifestyle blog, as well as an oft-updated Instagram account, @livefreemiranda. At home, she juggles a steady stream of school-related errands, laundry, activities and more for three energetic children, ages 2, 4 and 6.

Meet Miranda of One Little Minute

“The days are full and go by quickly, but when I focus on each experience at hand, the time really does slow down and I enjoy it more,” she says. Between the never-ending daily duties of momhood and bloggerdom, Miranda still makes time for personal creative pursuits.

Readers of Miranda’s blog (about 65,000 at any given time) have come to appreciate her candor about the challenges of motherhood, intertwined with tips they can use in their own lives. Sewing projects lean toward gorgeous, straightforward garments that look more challenging than they are – and can be often be completed while the kids are napping!

Meet Miranda of One Little Minute

“I love to share projects that feel useful as well as beautiful. I also love to work with interesting and different materials on occasion, so we can all stretch and learn new techniques,” she says. “I hope my projects will be simple enough to encourage even a beginner seamstress to break out of the comfort zone and try something new.”

Miranda’s path to Baby Lock as a Totally Stitchin’ guest blogger came by way of One Little Minute. Her husband, Dave, originally built the now-popular blog for her in 2007 when the couple was living in Puerto Rico as a way for his young bride to keep up with friends and family. Over the years, it evolved into a place where she could share creative ideas: sewing, recipes, ideas for entertaining, DIY projects, décor and other ideas for living a happy, creative life.

Most satisfying, however, are her clothing projects, which range from quickie pieces like baby bloomers and basic skirts that she can knock out in an hour to elaborate garments that stretch her skills.

“I really love a detailed, challenging design project where I begin with a drawing and create the pattern by draping or drafting – usually a combination of both – then work my way through it to completion,” says Miranda. “It’s exhilarating to bring a big project to life, like in the case of the three wedding dresses I’ve designed and sewn, or the leather jacket I made for myself last year.”

Meet Miranda of One Little Minute

A sewing enthusiast from a very young age, Miranda now creates clothing on her Baby Lock Katherine sewing machine and Diana serger/cover stitch machine, which has opened up endless possibilities for her. “I use my serger as much or more than my sewing machine, and adore it. The cover stitch feature is a game-changer for sewing knit clothes for myself and my kids!”

As Miranda ups her game, fans of Totally Stitchin’ can follow along, tackling impressive-looking clothing that is fun and relatively easy to make. Like Miranda, the Baby Lock team is thrilled about the beautiful things to come.

Meet Miranda of One Little Minute

“I love being a Baby Lock partner,” she says. “I first interacted with the brand several years ago at a sewing conference and was so impressed with the history of the company and the machines I worked with. When I think about the brand, I think about high quality, versatility, excellent customer service – and endless possibilities!”

When the to-do list is adequately whittled down, Miranda loves to blow off steam with her husband and children, hiking, camping, exploring and enjoying the family’s fiercely guarded Friday pizza night tradition. Accomplishing all these things is not about being superhuman, though; it’s about setting priorities and carving out time for what’s most important. That’s something she says anyone can do with a bit of prioritization and planning.

Meet Miranda of One Little Minute

“Decide what you want to be doing with your life, schedule time to make those things happen, and do one thing at a time,” she says. “I truly believe that there is enough time in the day for people to do the things they want to do … just not everything. We have to choose!”

Keep up with Miranda on her blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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