Meet Shannon From Fabric Nosherie

January 4, 2013 in Stitchin Women

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a bakery and the sweet smell of pastries takes over as your eyes jump from one beautifully decorated cake to another? This is the feeling Shannon Robinson hopes to elicit when you walk into the Fabric Nosherie. And it does! At Totally Stitchin’ we love the mouthwatering fabrics in Shannon’s store as much as her eclectic style and modern take on starting a business, and we’re sure you’ll love her as one of our newest Stitchin’ Women!

Shannon started sewing about 10 years ago when she wanted to make a baby blanket for her first son. Knowing little about sewing, Shannon asked her husband, Marc, for some tips on the basics.  Between Marc and his mom, Shannon soon learned some sewing basics.

Not long after learning to sew, Shannon got tired of buying fabric online. “I like to feel things and see the accuracy of the colors,” she said. The Fabric Nosherie opened in 2011 as a creative community for sewing enthusiasts, and it’s filled with inspirational fabrics and notions. “Everything is visual—everything in my store is an attraction,” Shannon said. “Fabric to me is like candy for my eyes.”

In addition to fabric and notions, many classes are held at the Fabric Nosherie. “My favorite classes are kids’ classes,” Shannon said. “I love to see the excitement on their faces.” In the kids’ classes, the children are separated into groups creatively called “bobbins” and “spools” depending on their skill level. As someone who did not grow up sewing, Shannon brings a new perspective to the art in her classes as well as her store’s selection.  “You would probably call my style eclectic; I use a lot of modern fabrics,” Shannon said. “I will never work with one person’s entire line. I like to mix it up.”

When she’s not busy with the store or her family (including her loving husband of 11 years and four boys aged 10 through two), Shannon enjoys watching sports, especially basketball. She played for two years while attending Olney Central, and even keeps games on in her sewing room.

Help us welcome Shannon to the Totally Stitchin’ community, and learn more about her shop, Fabric Nosherie, at

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