Meet Stefanie, the Girl Behind Girl. Inspired.

October 9, 2015 in Stitchin Women

For many sewing enthusiasts, sewing is both a creative outlet and sometimes an escape. When life gets hectic or a bit of R&R is needed, many people retreat to their machine. This is exactly how Girl. Inspired. started.

The mother of three girls all under the age of 4 at the time, Girl. Inspired. founder and Baby Lock blogger Stefanie Knaus realized she needed “me time,” which she put to constructive use. “So much time and energy was going into taking care of my girls and just getting through the day-to-day. I craved that creative outlet more than ever,” Stefanie said. “Starting the blog was a way for me to document and share the things that allowed me to fulfill that part of myself and keep my sanity.”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Stefanie, the Girl Behind Girl. Inspired.

Stefanie didn’t jump straight into blogging, though. For more than 10 years, she had been a behavioral consultant for children with autism. She calls the transition from her career to stay-at-home mom more of a “long, slow stride” than a “leap of faith.” In launching Girl. Inspired., she stayed focused on creative goals that would fulfill her. “If things start to feel too risky or adventurous, it’s a good time for me to reassess my goals and make sure I’m still heading in the direction that I want.”

Of course, that direction is always subject to change. Originally, Stefanie hoped Girl.Inspired. would serve as an easier way to share her creations with her mom and friends. Before long, she was connected with a large online community and the opportunity to turn her blog into a new career.

Stefanie first learned to sew from her mom, who taught her to embroider and follow a pattern. Today she focuses more on creating garments. She especially loves sewing for her daughters, and it seems they might be young sewers before long, too. “A lot of times they ask for certain things or give input into a design and, of course, they look adorable in everything!”

Totally Stitchin': Meet Stefanie, the Girl Behind Girl. Inspired.

As a busy mom who makes clothing, Stefanie loves her Baby Lock Evolution serger, which makes garment sewing even more enjoyable. “Of course, I love the air threading! It thrills me every single time. I almost get excited to change out thread colors rather than dreading or avoiding it. I also love that it automatically adjusts the tension depending on the fabric. It’s such a relief to not have to tinker around with it.”

Stefanie also considers a thread cutter one of her must-haves on a sewing machine. It’s just one of many features she loves on her new Baby Lock Aventura. “The machine is so intuitive. It’s easy to use, and I don’t waste time trying to figure out where a function is or how to thread the machine.” The Baby Lock Aventura sewing and embroidery machine also gives Stefanie a chance to return to her embroidery roots as she learns the ins and outs of each machine function.

Totally Stitchin': Meet Stefanie, the Girl Behind Girl. Inspired.

If you follow Girl. Inspired., you’ll see projects using both of Stefanie’s new machines. The blog features numerous sewing projects, in addition to crafts, recipes, party inspiration and more. She hopes to give people the same outlet she found in Girl.Inspired. She also wants to help people realize their creative potential and help them fulfill a piece of themselves, too.

“I think my style is very feminine and classy. I like to ‘follow the rules’ in sewing and do things the right way, but I also think there’s a time and place for choosing alternative options to make certain projects more feasible and/or functional. I hope to bring inspiration to others.”

Follow Stefanie at her blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

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