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September 17, 2008 in News

Dove’s Nest Designs

One of the biggest challenges for anyone, sewer or non-sewer, is finding that perfect balance between a career and life at home. One Stitchin’ Woman who has managed to combine these facets is Megan Midworth of Dove’s Nest Designs.

Megan creates original bags, skirts, jewelry and more with an incredible variety of techniques, including patchwork, appliqué, and even glass lampwork. Each creation is full of bright colors, whimsical designs and amazing detail.

Megan’s D-I-Y attitude inspired her to take on new projects and techniques early on. When she was 13, she began making clothes for herself. By the time she was 18, she was working on quilting techniques and experimenting with patchwork. She eventually majored in art education at the University of Toledo, where she met her husband in an art class. Throughout college, Megan continued to discover and fall in love with new creative outlets.
Megan Midworth of Doves Nest Designs

“When I see a new cool technique, I get excited. I’m like a little kid. Like, ‘I have to learn how to do that!’” she exclaims.

This enthusiasm has led to some of the most unique aspects of Megan’s designs, such as the gorgeous lamp-work glass closures found on Dove’s Nest purses and the appliqué patterns found on the majority of her pieces.

All of Megan’s appliqué patterns begin as a drawing. Megan never uses a set pattern – she loves making every piece different and one-of-a-kind. Every seam on Megan’s skirts, dresses, purses and wallets are serged and then sewn with a regular machine, ensuring that each piece is durable and long-lasting.

“When I get an idea, I’ll go out and look at the trees, or I’ll research by looking through books about an Dove's Nest Designsanimal.” She draws her inspiration from her family, music, the American Arts and Crafts Movement (“I love the design and detail”), and of course, nature.

“My parents basically instilled that in us,” says Megan, an avid camper and hiker. “It’s important to appreciate nature. It carries over into everything I do.”

Megan’s love of nature has inspired not only her designs, but the name of her company – Dove’s Nest Designs. “Doves signify peace, and a nest is a kind of a home. I have a very close family, so it’s very fitting.”
Megan Midworth of Doves Nest Designs

Megan’s main inspiration, she says, is her mother, artist Cindy McGuire. McGuire began creating one-of-a-kind teddy bears about 16 years ago, when Megan’s little brother was born. Today, she travels all over the world sharing her China Cupboard Bears with collectors and artists. Naturally, this drive and talent had a strong impact on Megan. Megan doesn’t remember exactly when she began to sew, but she does remember her mother teaching her a cross-stitch when she was in preschool. “I was always around it,” she says about sewing. “I guess it all came together from watching her sew and trying to do things myself.”

The best part about Dove’s Nest Designs, says Megan, is that she can spend all day doing the two things she loves most – sewing and spending time with her 2 ½ year old daughter, Indigo. Megan and her husband are expecting their second child in December.

“It’s great to see her grow up,” she says. “And it’s amazing to see some of the ideas she comes up with.” Indigo paints, draws and sculpts – and she has even shown interest in sewing. “She’ll climb on my back and watch me work.” So, has Megan taught Indigo to sew yet? “She’s still too young – I’d say around age four.”

megan-tree1In addition to spending time with her family, Megan loves sewing because “I can be different and people still accept that. When you finish a project and it turns out exactly the way you envisioned it, there’s a big sense of satisfaction and accomplishment,” she says. “I’m just really appreciative that I can do what I’m passionate about.”
Megan Midworth of Doves Nest Designs

Megan is planning to enter the art show circuit next summer, but her main goal is getting Doves Nest Designs established online, through her site at She loves the online crafting community for their encouragement, feedback and inspiration.

“I’ll get random emails from people who like my work,” she says. “It’s cool for people to connect with you that way, and tell you that they’re inspired by you.”

Megan’s Advice

“Look for inspiration. Look around, look through books – inspiration is everywhere.”

“Everything I make is first sewn with my serger, then with my regular machine to ensure durability and a quality project that will last for years.”

“Remember, if you see something you like, you can probably make it yourself!”

“Keep with it! New techniques can be a struggle, but it will get better if you stick with it. Everything progresses.”

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