Minky Fabric Tips

May 23, 2013 in Tips & Tricks

Minky fabric can be hard to work with and sometimes frustrating. So what better than a few minky fabric tips to help you out!

Totally Stichin': Working with Minky

1. Minky doesn’t shrink after being washed so you can “buy and sew”. Just remember, if you are sewing it to other fabrics such as flannel, you must still wash your other fabric. Otherwise, your project may not lay right due to shrinkage if you ever need to wash it.

2. Do not iron minky, it will ruin the nap and any dots in the fabric.

3. Practice your stitch length on a scrap piece of minky before starting a project. Since it is a napped fabric that can be slightly bulky, especially when sewing a minky to a minky, I like to use a longer stitch length.

minky2 copy

4. Minky loves to leave a trail of fuzz after cutting and sewing so remember to wipe off all your tools and clean out your machine if needed after. Keeping a lint roller close by is also helpful to keep your work area clean.

5. You will cut down on #4 if you are using a good quality minky fabric. There is a reason it is a little more expensive. Buy it cheap and you will know what I mean.

6. Pins are your friends!!! I usually find pinning slightly annoying but this is a must to keep your fabric in place. And the more pins, the merrier! Most of my minky fabric projects take longer to pin that to sew, but I am absolutely certain that none of them would be successful without pinning.

Totally Stitchin': Working with Minky

 7. Always allow a wider seam allowance. I usually allow 1/2″. Minky fabric likes to roll.

Totally Stitchin': Tag Blanket Tutorial

8. Always use a ball-point needle. It won’t pull the fabric and you will save yourself a headache in the long run. The first time I ever used minky fabric, the lady at the fabric store told me this and I thought she was joking. She wasn’t. Trust me.

9. Sew slowly. No need to rush or you will most likely have to fix it. With minky fabric, slow and steady wins the race!!

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