My New Ironing Board Cover

June 5, 2012 in Find It / Buy It

My ironing board goes through covers pretty quickly because of frequent ironing and the sewing classes I teach from home here in MO. Mostly, the padding goes really flat and then I get grid marks on whatever I iron from the metal table of the ironing board. I just recently bought the below cover at Joann with a coupon and then actually added some extra padding underneath it to prolong it’s cushy-ness. I have to say, so far, I REALLY like the cover! It’s smooth and easy to wipe off. I am thinking it will hide water stains nicely as well because of the color. And I really do think that it reflects the heat…I’m impressed! I think it’s going to last me longer!

Aaand, this is just a side note, but, I just happened to stumble upon this tutorial on sewing a new ironing board cover; thought it was neat! I guess I never even thought to do that. And you can pick the fabric you’d like for your ironing board! Tutorial and below pictures from

Thought this was so cute!

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