My Sewing Adventure Story

February 13, 2013 in News, Stitchin Women

My sweet boys. I grew up watching my mom be crafty. She was always into something from miniatures to sewing to scrapbooking. I swore I would never do any of those things. I didn’t like to sit still long enough to even try. That all changed just a few years ago when I had my son and started sewing.

I married my best friend, Steve, in May 2008. We were blessed with the most wonderful baby boy in March 2011. Nolan was due in May but in normal fashion he had a different plan and came early. We had put our house on the market in August and finally it sold in February. Plan was to buy a house and move in before Nolan was born. We had 11 weeks, no problem! Instead, we signed our closing papers on our house and had a baby in the same hour. Nolan spent some time in the hospital and our family of three (plus two chocolate labs) moved back into my childhood bedroom at my mom’s house while in search of our new home. Picture perfect, right?!?

Nolan, who rarely stops moving, trying on his new pajama pants I just finished.

Nolan, who rarely stops moving, trying on his new pajama pants I just finished.

I spent the weeks prior to that on bed rest drooling over magazines of the perfect nurseries. I couldn’t wait to find our home and start decorating. My husband, in the sweetest and most gentle way, kindly reminded me that my taste and our budget didn’t match. I was devestated We were upsizing in house, I was only going back to work two days a week post-baby as a pediatric nurse, and we were adding another member to our family. I was devastated (and hormonal). That is when my mom suggested I make it. She was crazy. Me?!? Next thing I knew, the sewing machine was set up at the dining room table and I was teaching myself to sew. She taught me the basics and reminded me that practice makes perfect (something I still have to remind myself).

I love to sew. I love how quickly a piece of fabric transforms into something. It is so rewarding to see a final product being used in your home. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it’s therapeutic after a looooong day. With a husband, a wild toddler, two dogs, a job, and a house to keep up with, I try to do projects that will only take a few sittings. Most of my sewing occurs during nap time and after my son goes to bed. I seem to focus mostly on things for my home and all things baby (now toddler). If I can personalize it, even better! I still have so much to learn but that’s the great thing about sewing, it never gets boring!

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