My Trip to Baby Lock HQ

October 5, 2010 in General

A few months ago, after a reply to a Facebook post, I was invited to the Baby Lock corporate office to meet with the people behind Baby Lock.

I never knew that their home office was almost in my back yard.  Upon my arrival, I hear “Gus’s Pretzels are here” (a St. Louis favorite soft pretzel stick), everyone decked out in their best St. Louis Cardinal’s Red.  Yes, it was game day in St. Louis.  I couldn’t stop smiling, I was at Baby Lock, this was a dream come true.  While I waited in the lobby, trying to take everything in, I couldn’t miss the Baby Lock quilt hanging behind the receptions desk, I made a note to self, “get photo with quilt”; no one is ever going to believe that I was really here.  I’m not sure if I needed the photo more, so that I knew it wasn’t a dream.

That day I met so many amazing women from multiple departments, these women didn’t just work for Baby Lock; they were Baby Lock.  You could see it in their faces; they loved what they did and represented the company, not like employees, but like a family.

After meeting with everyone, I was given a tour of the building.¬† I wish I would have brought my camera, around every corner on almost every wall were completed projects.¬† Amazing quilts, clothing, home d√©cor, all created by someone within the Baby Lock family, and if that wasn‚Äôt cool enough, within almost everyone office space, I could see, was fabric and more projects being created, but these were not office spaces for designers or seamstresses.¬† No, these office spaces were filled with people from Accounting, Software Marketing, and other departments, they were all‚ĶTotally Stitchin’ Women.

I will say the highlight of my visit was a small room they called the closet.  It was wall to wall thread hanging off the wall on hooks about 2 to 3 large spools deep, in EVERY color imaginable.  I could have stayed in that room for hours, the wall ‘o thread was a sewing room fantasy, imagine never running out of a color mid-design, always having that perfect shade of green, or hue of pink.  That room should have its own theme song.  I guess it doesn’t take much to impress me.

In the end, I did get my picture taken with the Baby Lock quilt.  I met some amazing women, and fulfilled a dream come true.

Baby Lock quilt

I never would have dreamed that a response to a Facebook post could ever lead to such a once in a life time experience.

2 responses to My Trip to Baby Lock HQ

  1. Wow, I did not realize Babylock had all of this! I can’t wait to see the projects.

  2. I’m thinking I should start commenting on Facebook posts more often! Sounds like a great trip!

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