Let’s celebrate- National Sewing Month

September 5, 2014 in News

It's time to celebrate National Sewing Month on The Sewing Loft

Woo HOO!! I’m super excited to be here today and chat about National Sewing Month. I mean come on we all LOVE to sew right! Let me start out by sharing a few fun facts about National Sewing Month.

Did you know that….

In 1982 National Sewing Month was signed into existence by President Ronald Reagan? That’s right, you can find it under Proclamation #4976.

At that time the bill was signed, it was estimated that “Tens of millions of Americans sew at home.”  I wonder how many stitch today.

The average home seamstress owns 3 machines.

The average American seamstress owns 3 sewing machines.  Learn more fun facts about National Sewing Month.

I must admit, the last one caught me off guard. I was in complete denial and certain it was wrong. Then I did a quick count at my house and found that we (my girls included) own 5 machines. This does not even include the vintage machines I have tucked away from my great grandmother. I’m not sure if using these machines makes me a sewing geek, an enthusiastic stitcher or slightly obsessed. Either way, I’m sure to my “girls” to good use every chance I get.

But wait, sewing is so much more than just machine work. Sure, it’s one of the most popular and celebrated areas of sewing but I have seen so of the most incredible designs stitched by hand.  Not to mention, I grew up watching TV while my mother embroidered just about everything under the sun.  We had wall hangings, pillows, tablecloths and even those hook and loop rugs. She made it all and they pretty much looked like this.

So for me this month is all about celebrating the diversification within our sewing community. The creativity is incredible and I am continually impressed and totally inspired by others. What about you? What’s your favorite form of sewing? Is it machine stitching, embroidery, hand sewing, crewel work, hooking or something altogether different? Be sure to leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear about it!

Plus, feel free to explore and celebrate with me. All month long on The Sewing Loft, I will be chatting with some incredibly talented peeps within our community and exploring the different ways that they approach sewing.  National Sewing Month will be celebrated in style!

ps- What to put your sewing IQ to the test? Click here to see how you measure up. I’ll give you a quick hint, one of the answers is mentioned in this post.

Until next time you know where to find me!

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3 responses to Let’s celebrate- National Sewing Month

  1. oh my… sewing is my life… like you I started embroidering as a child at my grandma’s knee.. my mom sewed our Easter outfits one year out of a skirt someone gave us…so that got me started on what we now call, refashioning! haha.. I go to yard sales and pick up old stuff just for the buttons and trims..! I do admit I wish my embroidery was better, the thing is I could use some direction.. if I take a picture could you make suggestions? I recently started doing cross stitch,, I’m not a fan yet…but I like the piece so i’ll finish and then embellish with embroidery…

  2. Thank you for the post! I had NO IDEA it was National Sewing Month. I was taken aback by the stat that the average sewist has three machines. I did a count and sure enough, I have four. Ha! Love the blog so keep it up, ma’am!

    • That point had me scratching my head too. I’m glad to hear that I’m not alone in my sewing obsession.

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