Now, was that so difficult?

May 25, 2009 in General

After months of contemplating, I am no longer in danger of sewdultery. I finished my tunic project with the help of my oh-so-kind sewing friend, Kelly.¬† A bit longer than I thought (I’m 5′ 2″ so everything is a bit too long) but not bad for my first garment project. Cute, huh?


Indygo Junction Over the Top tunic

Indygo Junction Over the Top tunic

It is the¬†Over the Top pattern by Indygo Junction. (Amy Barickman designs the cutest¬†stuff, mostly vintage inspired. We’re¬†working getting a Stitchin’ Woman’¬†profile of her.)¬†Anyway,¬†I must admit to a novice sewer, the last few steps were a little nerve-racking.¬†It said something like¬†”serge 1/4″ hem”.¬† Yikes -¬†I need¬†more details or an image. So¬†I¬†decided to hem it the old fashioned way. (I’m sure once the new serger video gets posted online, I won’t have this problem. btw, we will be posting videos shortly.)

Lesson learned:¬†once I got going, it wasn’t so bad. My procrastinatiom was making me build it up in my head.

So send me a note if you recently finished a project that had been lingering for a while. Mine was 7 months in the making so there’s no shame in your story!

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