Oh, the things you can do with MonagramWorks!

August 27, 2012 in Find It / Buy It, General

Designer’s Gallery‘s computer program MonogramWorks is great! Not only do you get 44 monogram fonts and several other frames and embellishments with the program, you also get on screen computer display, lots of layout flexibility, as well as, design combination, and other options like resize, rotate, and mirror!

Below is a 1-year-old onesie that I made using MonogramWorks! I bought the “Ella” font and the number applique online and loaded the .pes format onto my computer (tip: keep your designs organized on your computer…it will make your life so much easier)! There are lots of fonts and designs online (Etsy.com has lots!). The heart was actually included on MonogramWorks! So, I opened up the heart frame first, then, the “1” aplique, and then opened each letter individually and placed them where I wanted with the click and slide of the mouse! So easy!! I opened everything on to one page in the order that I wanted it to embroider out. I could re-size and angle things to see how I liked it. I then, opened up Palette PTS,┬ámoved my design to the Palette PTS card and then to my machine (now, you may have a machine with a USB device, it’s just a bit different, but, you’d save the design to your USB and then take it to your machine…lucky you!).

Below is a picture of the screen of the heart that I opened up and re-sized with MonogramWorks!

Then, I opened and re-sized my applique “1”

Here is another design combination that I did with MonogramWorks. The font is actually from MonogramWorks, as well!

Here are a few other items that I did using MonogramWorks. Below is a design combination, but the Baby’s and Christmas font came from MonogramWorks!

Burp cloth and bib…Monogram font for the name “Ella” and the applique “E” was an online purchase.

MonogramWorks font for “Elijah” and online purchase applique “E”

┬áDesign combo using MonogramWorks and online embroidery font/applique purchases below…


Also, check out this article for more on MonogramWorks!

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