Organization in the Sewing Room

March 29, 2010 in General

I was realizing today how important it is to keep your sewing room in order! How many times do we get that creative urge to do something only to give up when we reach our sewing area and it is a disorganized wreck? Creative people have a flair for design, can multitask with the best of them, and like to make something out of nothing. The problem with that is knowing when to keep things and when to be rid of them.

A good rule of thumb in the craft area is one we follow in the closet as well. If it hasn’t been pulled out in a year, then it’s time to say goodbye. That last yard of polyester doubleknit that was great grandma’s? OUT. The drawer with empty tuna fish cans? Nix them! Don’t let your guilt keep you in a cluttered mess. When something new comes in, try to push out something old. If you can’t handle throwing things away, then donate them! If you saved a project idea and some supplies that you never seem to get to, drop them at the local grade school or daycare. Classrooms are a great place for creativity and usually have limited funds. Many local quilt guilds donate blankets to hospitals and nursing homes. Bless someone else with your leftover fabric stashes that you just can’t bear to waste. You can’t believe the feeling of freedom that comes from a neat sewing area. Less is truly more!

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