Pajama Pants

February 26, 2013 in Projects

Bedtime has gotten more difficult in our house. Nolan will do anything to avoid it. I had planned on making a cool new pillowcase with some monster fleece I picked up a few weeks ago on clearance but after watching Nolan stomp around the house screaming “ROAR!” trying to scare me this last week, I knew pajama pants were a must! These are simple to make and I finished them during a nap! Gotta love quick projects!
pj pants tutorial (22)

-1/2-1 yard fabric (depending on the size of the pants you are making)
-matching thread
-Baby Lock sewing machine
-scissors, pins, iron
-1″ wide elastic for waistband
-**Pattern** I am sure there are lots of free patterns on the internet but I think it is just as easy to make my own.

To make your own, turn a pair of pants that fit comfortably inside out. Fold pants in half with legs on top of each other. Trace around front half of pants on paper and then fold pants over the opposite way to trace around the back half. The back should be slightly wider since there is more to fit back there especially if there are diapers involved! I then add a 1/2″ to my pattern before cutting it out for seam allowance. Remember to leave extra length at the top for your waistband and I never decide on length until I am finished and Nolan has tried them on. I promise I will take pictures next time I do it!!

When you finish with your pattern you should have two pieces similiar to the picture below. The left is the front and then right is the back of the pants.
pj pants tutorial (1)

Lets get started!
1. If you are using a print fabric like mine, make sure fabric is facing the right direction and then fold in half widthwise. Pin pattern to fabric and cut. You will create two fronts and two backs. Your four pieces will look like this.
pj pants tutorial (7)

2. Align front two pieces with right side of fabric facing each other and pin.
pj pants tutorial (9)
Sew from waist to end of crotch with 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat for back two pieces. Iron your seams.

pj pants tutorial (10)

3. Next,place thetwo pieces you just created on top of each other with right sides of fabric facing each other and pin together along inseam.

Sew from the bottom of one leg around to the bottom of other leg, reinforcing your stitch at the crotch.
pj pants tutorial (12)
I usually do this in a single stitch but wanted to take a picture of my reinforced seam so I stopped at the crotch and then continued down other leg. All you have left are the waistband and deciding the length!!

4. So…I will be the first to admit I have lots of room to work on sewing elastic. It frustrates me! But, like everything else in sewing you get better as you go. You have a few options on how to do this. You can sew it in or thread it in like I did in the crib sheet tutorial. If you sew it in, you will measure your elastic around the waist (I physically measured it around my son’s waist) to decide on how much you will need. Before you cut, subtract some length to give it some stretch. I subtracted about two inches.

Next, overlap the ends of the elastic and sew together using a zigzag stitch. I reinforced it a few times just to make sure it wouldn’t come apart. Divide the elastic into four equal parts and mark with a pin. Pin each section to a seam (front, back, and sides) on the wrong side of the fabric. The elastic should be smaller than the pants.
pj pants tutorial (16)

5. Using a wide zigzag stitch, begin stitching elastic. I did two rows of stitching, one at the top and bottom edge of the elastic. When stitching, slightly stretch elastic while holding it straight with fabric. I must have been concentrating too hard on this and the only picture I took was of the opposite side of the elastic. Oops!
pj pants tutorial (19)

6. Next, fold your waistband down towards wrong side of fabric. You are creating a casing around elastic. Using either a simple stitch or zigzag stitch (what I used), stitch around entire waistband through right side of fabric at the bottom edge of the elastic. Make sure to hold the waistband straight while pushing the elastic up against the fold to keep the waistband edge looking nice.

***Every time I make these pants, I say I will remember to add a tag, but I never do. To be able to tell the difference between the back and front without checking which side is wider, place a ribbon tag in the back by aligning it under the elastic at the back seam and starting your stitch over the seam.

7. Final step is your length! I always try everything on my son before I decide on length. Once you have determined how long you want your pants to be, trim any excess fabric leaving room for a 1/2″ hem. To create your hem, turn pants inside out. Fold rough edge of pants leg up 1/4″ and iron, then repeat again. Add a zigzag stitch around entire pants leg.
pj pants tutorial (32)

You are finished!!! I tried so hard to get Nolan to look at the camera but he was too interested in trying to figure out my phone. Such a boy! Hope you love your pajama pants as much as we love ours!
pj pants tutorial (30)

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