Pincushion and Snip-It Bag

December 19, 2011 in Projects

Say good by to your messy workspace! This pincushion helps keep your pins and needles ready for use as well as keeping all those thread and fabric clippings off of the floor and your workspace.

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4 responses to Pincushion and Snip-It Bag

  1. Looks like a very good idea. That is very creative.

  2. I have one similar to this and I love it. It’s especially convenient at classes or retreat.

  3. I’m stuck on the instructions, step 7d. Need some help! Thanks.

  4. AnneO:
    for step 7d. After you trim the excess lining fabric away and turn so that the seam allowance is inside, and press. You then place the half-circle onto the fabric A piece attaching it using the broken zig zag stitch, you may also use an applique stitch or any other stitch that will hold down the edge of the half-circle and attach it to the fabric A.

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