Charity Sewing: Post Surgery Camisoles

July 20, 2017 in News

We are ‘sew’ excited to be sharing this special project by one of our bloggers, Melissa Mora of Melly Sews. In May, Baby Lock hosted Common Threads, a gathering for bloggers and influencers in the sewing industry to learn about Baby Lock products and programs while sharing ideas and learning more about one another. This year’s theme was Never Stop Creating, which encouraged attendees and their efforts in the sewing world.

For one of the portions of the event, Baby Lock had the Never Stop Caring class. During this class, Melissa shared a charity project she has been working on with Crafting Comfort. She began by telling us how she got started in her volunteer work, which led to working with Crafting Comfort, an organization that provides post-surgery camisoles is for those who underwent mastectomy surgery. After surgery, patients have a rough recovery ahead. These camisoles have special features that help accommodate during recovery. We are so glad Melissa was able to share her story with us and provide us with even more reason to Never StopCreating

Read on to learn more about this special project and how you can help!


Hey y’all – today I’m sharing a project that is near and dear to my heart – a sewing pattern for a mastectomy camisole.

You see, this lady was my grandmother. And she died after a long fight with breast cancer before I was even in high school.


I’ve always done what I could to help support breast cancer research and breast cancer patients, usually donating money. But last year when both my boys were finally in school all day, I also started volunteering my time with a local group, the Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC). And through them I met another group, Crafting Comfort.

Crafting Comfort is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gets together to do charitable sewing. And one of the things they make is these post surgery camisoles, which help patients with two post mastectomy difficulties – they can’t easily lift their arms to get dressed (you try putting your clothes on without lifting your arms – it’s pretty darn hard) and they usually have surgical drains that they have to carry with them for up to 2 weeks.




So Crafting Comfort makes and donates these camisoles, and the BCRC distributes them to patients. With velcro closures at the shoulders and front, and interior pockets for surgical drains, these camisoles help post surgical patients through their recovery.



And the best part of all of this – you can help too, whether you’re local, just want to sew one for a friend or family member facing breast cancer, or even if you don’t sew at all. I’ve created a pattern for digital download from the master patterns used by Crafting Comfort. The pattern is available below, and it is a name your price purchase. So if you really can’t afford the pattern but need the camisole or are making one for someone who does, you can get the pattern for free. But if you choose to pay for the pattern – even if you don’t want to sew it – 100% of the proceeds from this go to Crafting Comfort to allow them to make and donate more of these and the other sewn donations they create (which include chemo pillows, medical dolls for children’s hospitals, and clothing and bags for women and children in a local domestic crisis center.)

To get the pattern, add it to your cart using this link.

Please note: only 100 free patterns can be processed per day. Even $1 helps, so if you can purchase the pattern for any amount of money, please do so that others who cannot afford to can still access the file. If you are trying to get the pattern for free and cannot check out, you can try back another day as there is nothing we can do to override the 100/day limit.

The pattern includes sewing directions, but just to make sure that every learning style is covered, I also made a video of the sewing process.



This is also a great project for charity sewing groups – perhaps there’s a need for these in your local area. If so, please us this with your group. You can also contact Crafting Comfort here, or find them on Facebook here if you’d like further information or if you’re in the Austin area and would like to volunteer.


Happy sewing,

Thank you sew much for joining us today here on Totally Stitchin’. We wanted to include more photos of her class and some of the final creations. Until next time…. Happy Sewing!

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