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Foot Control on the Move?

August 6, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

Is your foot control sliding away from you while sewing?  To stop your foot control from traveling away from you, put a piece of Sure-Grip drawer liner underneath it. The gripper material helps to keep it in place on carpet or wood flooring. sure-grip And, if your machine vibrations are driving you nuts, put a piece of it under your machine as well -- it will grip tight and help prevent those not so good vibrations. Sure-Grip drawer liner is readily available a home improvement stores or large supermarkets.

9 responses to Foot Control on the Move?

  1. for “Presser Foot on the move”, don’t you mean, foot pedal?

    I was having a hard time figuring out why I would put a piece of drawer liner under my presser foot.

  2. The tip of the month is a little misleading. I believe that you are talking about a foot pedal not a presser foot. If I remember correctly, a presser foot hold down the fabric and does not move, on the other hand though, the foot pedal does move and this tip is a good one for the foot pedal.

  3. that is my main complaint about my pfaff machine. the machine is so heavy duty yet the foot pedal is a fly-away plastic. i am constantly chasing it on hardwood floor. Even with my foot on the pedal, i can feel it sliding. i will look for the sure-grip drawer liner – tomorrow! thank u.

  4. this is a great tip—- I am now using that shelf liner on many things —- just feel like a dummy that I didn’t think of it!!!

  5. I find that a mouse pad with a wrist support works better for the foot pedal. The wrist support keeps it in place and the entire mouse pad keeps it from moving out of place on the floor.