Pretty Table Runner

December 16, 2012 in Projects

Need a new idea for a table runner for the holidays? I saw this clever tutorial:

I love the ruffled look of it and the burlap and orange…I think I need to get a ruffler foot now!! The above picture and tutorial are from (cute blog). I wanted to sew something similar for a gift exchange this week, so here is what I did:


Backing and Sides of table runner (I got 80″ of fabric to make a 74″ table runner (I chose red corduroy) so I could make 2 and so I could avoid a seam in the middle of the table runner, but, you could get 41″ of fabric, cut 2 and sew a seam down the center)

Depending on how much gather you want, you’ll need around 150″-180″ total of fabric for the middle strip (I chose a silver satin-like fabric), you’ll need to buy about 41″ of 45″ width fabric or 31″ of 60″ width fabric (because we cut 10″ strips and sew them together to make a really long strip).

I cut a strip of red corduroy at 80″ x 20″ (can be cut shorter according to the table; I just wanted to leave it hem-able since I was unsure of my gift recipient’s table).

I cut my silver fabric into 10″ strips to sew together to get a 180″ total long strip.

Below is my really long strip. I basted 2 rows of stitches down both sides to gather (you can also use a  gathering foot, or ruffler foot like the tutorial at the top (which would probably make this portion of the project go really quickly), or gather with a serger changing the differential speed).

And then, I gathered the full length of fabric (except for 3″ on either end) to fit the length of the table runner evenly.

Then, with pretty sides together, I evened my gathers out more and pinned one side of the table runner and sewed a 5/8″ seam, making sure that the basting stitches were to the right of the needle so they wouldn’t show on the outside.

After sewing the one side, I chose to serge that seam because my satin-like fabric was fraying like crazy! Then, I pulled the other gathered side to the other side, pinned, sewed, and serged the entire length of that side.

Below is both sides sewn and serged and inside out.

Your next step will be to turn it right side out. Even the 2 sides out to be even, iron and pin. Then, I stitched about a half inch away from the seam down the entire length or both seams (on the red) to hold the runner in place.

Again, I wanted it to be hem-able, so, I just serged (you can just finish the edges with a sewing machine or with binding) the 2 raw edges on both ends of the table runner. Then, I ironed the ends in 3″ and then folded that end other to make a wide rolled hem. I just tacked it in several places underneath to make it easy to hem, but, you could topstitch the hem for a more permanent hem.

Done! 🙂

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