Printing on Fabric with your Inkjet Printer!

December 11, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

I just posted a new project on Part II of making a t-shirt quilt and there is a portion on printing on fabric (similar to the picture/link above)…I thought, if you never read that project/Part II, you’ll at least know this part! I haven’t ever actually tried this, but a friend has and she said it turned out really nice! Years ago, I tried iron on transfers and back then, they really weren’t good quality (I’m not sure how they are now). But, you can literally print on this fabric product with your printer which preserves the picture and gives better quality! And you can wash it! Here is also a neat tutorial on how to create your own printable fabric (and I had heard of this before googling it). Have fun printing pictures and sewing nifty memorable items with them!!!

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