Project Greenway (Wannabe Project Runway)

April 18, 2008 in Style

Hey from Sarah Cecchettini! I’m guest blogging again today, and let me tell you, Heidi Klum doesn’t have anything on us. Give me a magazine, some tape, scissors, and a plastic bag and I’ll give you a whole new designer outfit! That is what happened here recently on campus with our production of “Project Greenway”. The program was to help make students aware and excited about recycling.

The participating halls made outfits from whatever recyclable things they could find. The supplies ranged from newspapers and cardboard to Capri Sun juice boxes and soda cans. And let me tell you, we looked…so fine!

I modelled a wedding dress designed by my roommate Mi. It was made from trash bags, fishing line, and magazine pages. My shoes were cardboard, my ring was a bottle cap and I made my bouquet with origami flowers. It was a pretty amazing outfit, but extremely hot to wear.

The night of the show everyone brought their creations to the stage for judging. As each model was being announced, we strutted all we had on stage. It was so much fun. As I was turning in the middle of the stage I accidentally stepped on one of the pages of my dress and tore it off, but fortunately, I was not over exposed! During the remainder of the show, my dress was in everyone’s way. Don’t they know they should be watching out for the recycle-savvy diva? All went well though and no one slipped on it.

The evening was highlighted by an eco-friendly organization that came to the stage and told about upcoming events and ways to recycle. I think it also made everyone more aware ways to bring fashion into all aspects of life, even recycling!

To help out the world around you, you may want to whip up an eco-friendly grocery tote project. It not only saves on the amount of bags you would normally use when shopping, but also uses recycled juice envelopes, and it’s darn cute. (That always helps.)

Till next time‚

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