Prom Dresses Made Out Of What?

May 19, 2011 in Style

Teenagers are always trying to stress their individuality, and prom season is no different.  Take a minute to check out what these teens wore that  big night.

You have probably heard of Tara Frey from Wisconsin, who’s Mother made her a one of a kind dress made out of Starburst  candy wrappers.

To my surprise she was not the first to use these colorful candy wrappers to create a head turning creation for such an important day.  Take a look at these three others that created their formal wear out of the same candy in previous years.


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If your teen is short a sweet tooth and saving for collage, check out Duck Brand Tape.  They are in their 11th year of hosting the Stuck at Prom contest where teen couples compete to win money for collage, by making their prom attire and accessories completely out of duct tape.

Don’t miss the rest of the very creative a crafty individuals.¬†¬† I wonder what else they will come up with in the up coming years.

Dress made from peanut M&M wrappers. M&M Dress

Pop Top Dress

So keep your eye out for dresses made from drink pouches, chip bags, rubber gloves, plastic spoons or newspapers.  If they can sew it, weave it, or glue it, they can wear it.

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