Quilt Batting too Short?

February 13, 2010 in General, Tips & Tricks

Have you ever had pieces of quilt batting too big to throw out yet to short or too narrow for your project? You can still use the batting by piecing it together. First using two pieces of the same weight, color and type of batting, cut the edges you want to sew together so they are straight. You do not want different types, textures, or colors of batting as they can handle and launder differently. The batting also should not overlap or gap as this would be noticeable in the finished project as the quilt would appear uneven or lumpy. Second attach the edge joining foot to your machine. Select a fairly wide zigzag stitch 6.0 with a longer length 3.0. Align the batting pieces on each side of the center guide of the edge joining foot and sew. Make sure you use a thread color that matches your batting so the seam does not show through the fabrics on the quilt project.


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