QuiltCon East 2017 Recap

March 14, 2017 in News

Welcome back to the National Quilting Month celebration here on Totally Stitchin’! Today, I am recapping some exciting details from QuiltCon East 2017.

This year, QuiltCon East was held at the Savannah International Trade Convention Center in the beautiful southern city of Savannah, Georgia. Attendees from around the world filled the center each day to learn more about their beloved craft. Some of the activities included a modern quilt show, vendor mall, lectures, and workshops. Also in attendance were top modern quilting instructors.

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The Key Note Speaker of this year’s conference was Angela Walters. She began her quilting career over 13 years ago with the help of her husband’s grandpa. As an author, teacher, blogger, and fabric designer she enjoys sharing her love and the art of quilting with others. Learn more here.

The Modern Quilt Guild presented an outstanding event that held true to its tagline “the biggest modern quilting event of its kind”. If you were unable to go to Quilt Con this year (like me), you can still see ton’s of photos from the event through Instagram on The Modern Quilt Guild’s page, as well as the “Explore” page linked to Quilt Con in Savannah here.

One of highlights of this conference and show is the Award Ceremony. Members of The Modern Quilt Guild were able to showcase their quilting masterpieces for prizes and titles.Thousands in cash prizes were awarded.

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Here are some of my favorites:

Best in Show

Title: bling

Created by Katherine Jones of Australia

This quilt is jaw droppingly beautiful.The complexity of this quilt shows passion, patience, and dedication to create such an intricate layout. The mesmerizing pattern in combination with color choices make this quilt definitely a stand out from the competition.


People’s Choice

Title: Lincoln

Created by Kim Soper of Huntington, New York

I can definitely see why this was chosen as People’s Choice. This geometric pop art style quilt is absolutely breathtaking. The whole concept with the pops of color truly comes together to showcase creativity and quilting as an art form. P.S. This quilt also was awarded in the category: Improvision: 1st Place.

Version 2

Applique: 2nd Place

Title: Tea and Skittles

Created by Thomas Knauer

I’m going to quote the creator of the quilt because this statement speaks for itself “this quilt questions a society that claims to protect children even as it sees children of color as threats, even targets.” When I looked at the quilt I did see something interesting that stood out from the others. Faintly stitched into the quilt are words. I learned these words were from Travyon Martin’s obituary.


Michael Miller Luxe Fabric Challenge: 1st Place

Title: Luxe Modern

Created by Susan Clay of Sante Fe, New Mexico

This quilt was created from the traditional “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” quilt block with a few modern touches. The use of fabric and color choices establishes a rhythm that keeps the eye moving around the quilt and not just one location.


Minimalist Design: 1st Place

Title: Wax and Wave

Created by Susan Kyle of Ontario, Canada

This quilt has some unique inspiration. Just by looking at the name you probably couldn’t predict what it was. In the description, the creator stated, “Have you every wondered (while the esthetician is waxing your eyebrows) about the white fabric used to pull off the wax.” Now let me tell you I was in shock. She created this quilt with 100% cotton muslin rolls which is what the white fabric her esthetician uses for waxing.


Handwork: 2nd Place

Title: Quilt no.019 Of Discontent

Created by Shelby Skumanich of Loveland, Colorado

This quilter played around with the idea of light verses dark to create this interesting quilt. As the quilter states, it is “a vessel of self-expression and contemplation” which shows through the vertical composition and asymmetry.


Small Quilts: 1st Place

Title: Whatever

Created by Katie Larson

This unconventional quilt stands out to me not only because it isn’t the typical rectangle or square shape, but that it is involves a variety of shapes and components. The quilter used different techniques and her own creativity to compose this quilting masterpiece.


Looking for more quilty inspiration? There are plenty of other quilts to be seen. Check out all QuiltCon 2017 Award Winners and their quilts here.

Congratulations to everyone who entered their quilting creations for everyone to see! Your dedication and drive to create and showcase your special talents are truly inspiring. I would have have loved to see all the quilts on display. Fingers crossed I get to go next year. Speaking of next year, mark your calendars for February 22-25 for QuiltCon West in Pasadena California.  Keep an eye out for more information on The Modern Quilt Guild’s website.

That wraps up today’s post about QuiltCon East 2017. Be sure to check back soon for more quilting fun in honor of National Quilting Month!


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