Quilting Tutorial Videos from Mary Fons, Episodes 1-9

May 11, 2011 in Videos

The Quilty video series by Mary Fons is for anyone who wishes to begin making a quilt, but maybe has never quilted anything before. It can also help you get back into the groove and teach you great tips and tricks if you have quilted in the past. She will go over basic machine functions, cutting methods, fabric selection and creating blocks in these easy to follow videos.

Fabric 101 episode 1

The first Quilty episode features not just one Fons daughter, but two! Rebecca — the youngest of the Fons quilt mafia — receives a lesson from her older sister on what kind of fabric is best for quilt making.

Cut it Out episode 2

In one of the very first Quilty episodes ever filmed (!) Mary Fons shows her friend and rookie quilter Chloe how to use a rotary cutter when cutting her fabric

Machine Basics episode 3

Before you start going crazy with all your quilting plans, it’s a good idea to know the basic parts of the power tool known as a sewing machine. From the power switch to the foot pedal, join host Mary Fons as she goes over a typical machine’s fundamental features.

Buying Fabric at the Quilt Shop episode 4

If you’ve ever had trouble navigating a quilt shop, watch this episode of Quilty before you head back out there. Mary is joined by her good friends Matt and Constance, who learn how fabric is sold at quilt shops, how to determine how much fabric to buy, and how to see all the fabric available and be inspired, not intimidated.

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Simple Sawtooth Star episode 5

This juicy episode of Quilty features Mary making a simple sawtooth star block right before your very eyes. Learn how to make a flying goose unit, and get details on the art of pinning, and watch for a very special, very brief cameo by a rap star.

What is a Quilt? episode 6

‘What is batting? Is a quilt the same thing as a blanket? Why do I keep hearing about sandwiches?’ These are some of the typical questions asked by newbie or potential quilters when they begin to get curious about quilting.

Thread your Machine, Wind that Bobbin! episode 7 part 1

In almost every quilting class, the number one problem isn’t the patchwork ‚Äî it isn’t even the cutting ‚Äî it’s the threading. Well, Quilty is determined to help. Watch as Mary threads her Baby Lock and talks about how thread travels through typical sewing machines. Even though your machine may be different than Mary’s, this episode will help you find success when you sit down at your sewing area.

Part 2: Thread your Machine, Wind that Bobbin! episode 7 part 2 (also episode 8)

Join Mary in Bobbin Part 2 as she continues to show you how thread travels through typical sewing machines.

Blocks-A-Go-Go: Rolling Stone episode 9

It cannot be denied: Quilt blocks are addictive. On this installment of Quilty, Mary shows you, step by step, how to construct a Rolling Stone block ‚Äî and you’ll be hooked instantly.

2 responses to Quilting Tutorial Videos from Mary Fons, Episodes 1-9

  1. I’ve watched all 9 “Beginners” episodes and I must say, you have me interested in quilting. I’ve only been doing repairs and some clothing patterns thus far, but I’m going to look further into quilting. It looks like a lot of fun and very rewarding. Thank you So Much for these episodes! 🙂

    • I am glad you have enjoyed them. Watch out, once the quilting bug bites you it doesn’t let go!

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