Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial (Part 2)

April 15, 2014 in Projects

Now, that your Diaper Cover Part I is almost finished we can start on the fun ruffling part! We’ll use the Rolled Hem stitch on your Baby Lock Serger and then, the Ruffler Foot on your sewing machine (or you can always baste and gather)!

Head on over to the National Serger Month website for Part 2 of the Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial!

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

The possibilities are endless with this tutorial, so keep scrolling for a few ideas on how to make it your own. Here are a couple variations that I’ve made in the past:

  • Sew 6 layers! Add a double layer of tulle in between (I cut 6″ strips of the tulle and lightly pressed it in half (lengthwise) so the fold was the hem rather than the serged roll hem). Your ruffles are lined up a 1/2″ apart as opposed to an 1″ (as shown in the tutorial).

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

  • In this little number, I found a pair of clearance jean shorts, opened up the legs at the inseam and overlapped the fronts and backs edges, and stitched down to make it skirt like (it doesn’t have to look pretty, the ruffles will cover up anything funny). I think I did cut a little off of the hem to make it the length I wanted after the 3″ strip (technically 2.5″ after stitched on because of seam allowance) was sewn on. Then, I sewed the lowest ruffle on to the lower edge creating a 1/2″ seam allowance. Then, topstitched the middle and upper layer a 1/2″ up from the last. Also, the middle layer is an eyelet lace…so, I didn’t have to hem that! On the red layers, I used a white thread for my serged roll hem.

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

She cracks me up! Made a little onesie to match! Got the little hat from Hobby Lobby and rigged it up to where I could bobby pin it in!

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

  • The following is similar to this tutorial (little ruffles sewn on the rump of a pair of pants)…actually, here is the tutorial for this! Lots of fun serger roll hemming in this tutorial!

Totally Stitchin': Ruffled Diaper Cover Part 2

Photos courtesy of Christine Guest PhotographyJMarie Photography & JHeart Photography, respectively.

7 responses to Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial (Part 2)

  1. On the Baby Lock’s National Serger Month Sweepstakes Entry page there is free project for the Diaper Cover Tutu by Stephanie Struckman @ Totally Stitchin. I printed off the project and it specifically says if you go to this web address you can get the patterns for the diaper cover itself. I’ve spent the better part of a day looking and I can only find part 1 and 2 of the entire project but no patterns to print for the diaper cover. I’m beyond frustrated. I could have made at least 5 of them during the time I’ve wasted trying to find the pattern(s). Please! Email the pattern to me. I have grand daughters from 6 months on up with another 1 due in June and I would really, really like to use my new serger and make a bunch of these. Thank you for your help, Dianne

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I was able to get the pattern but not the instructions for Part 2. Also what are the dimensions (length and width) of the fabic for the ruffles? I’m guessing the ruffler foot on the serger can be used.

    • Hi Marie! Hopefully, this will help:

      Let me know if not! I think we fixed the link above to the PDF.

      The measurements are in the first paragraph of Part 2! 🙂 For a 12 month, I did 2 strips @ 36″ x 3″ per ruffle.

      Also, you may try out the serger Ruffling Foot and see if it gets the gather that you want…here is a little information on gathering with the serger: (scroll down in that article) I, personally, like to have the rolled edge on the top and the gathered line about a 1/2″ below especially because my gathered seam is exposed with a finished serger roll hem (rather than the gathered edge being sewn in a seam that hides underneath)…hopefully that makes sense. Happy Sewing! Let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Hi Stephanie,
        The address you sent just keeps taking me to Part 1:( I did open up your “A How to on Adding Ruffles”. It looks like the same instructions I’d follow for the diaper cover up. Thank you for trying to help me with this.

        • No problem…glad we’re getting kinks out! I’m not sure why the first link is just taking you to Part 1. Nonetheless, in Part 2 of this article above, try linking over where it says “Head on over to the National Serger Month website for Part 2 of the Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial!” Then, you’ll need to scroll down and click on the part that says “Click here to download the Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial!” It should be a PDF of the instructions for Part 2 (making the ruffles and sewing them on).

          You can also try this link: but still scroll down and click to “download the Ruffled Diaper Cover Tutorial” Again, it will be a PDF of Part 2. Thanks!

          And, gathering the upper edge with the serger will look a little different than roll hemming the upper and lower edges of the ruffle and then, gathering about a 1/2″ down from the top edge with the sewing machine (at least for the top ruffle). I’d say try it out and see how you like the look!

          Let me know if you have more questions and if we can’t get you linked over, I’ll have to ask someone at Baby Lock! 🙂 Thanks so much! Happy Sewing!

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