Ruffled Heart Applique Tutorial

February 27, 2015 in Projects

Heart + Ruffle + Applique = Adorable! You can apply this heart applique tutorial to shirts, bags, quilts, you name it! 🙂

On to the tutorial!

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You’ll need about a 9″ square fabric and batting scrap, and 4″ (of 44″ width) fabric for the ruffle, a sewing machine, thread,

Print out the heart template. If you’d prefer to cut your fabric on the fold, fold the heart paper in half and cut down the middle.  Sketch in a half inch seam allowance around the half heart. Cut the heart out on the fold. I would recommend using a lightweight fusible interfacing with the heart (because I didn’t and I think that it would have helped keep it stable).

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Cut 2 strips at 1.5″ each. Sew together with a 1/4″ seam allowance and press in half lengthwise.


Then, gather this strip close to edge (I serged down the edge to keep the 2 raw edges together and then, used my ruffling foot, gathering about a 1/4″ over from the raw edge).


Put a 3/8″ clip at the valley of the heart. Pin the ruffle around half of the heart. At this point, I stitched this first half of the heart down  with a 3/8″ seam allowance (start at the valley clip mark, not sooner and end at the point of the heart, not past it). Then, continue pinning around the rest of the heart. Try to gather up the ruffle more at the point at the bottom of the heart because when it folds out it will spread the outer edge of the ruffle out (and more gather will keep it from pulling).


As you pin around to the top, tuck a little flap back at the beginning ruffle end and pin. You kind of have to get creative at the valley of the heart. You don’t want to overlap the beginning and the end because when it’s folded out it will pull or lay funny. You can see the little clip in the valley in this image below. Sew the other side of the heart.


Clip the point.


Press your ruffles outward and flat. Clip and tuck to get the valley to lay right.





Then, cut out the heart template along the printed line and use this smaller heart as your pattern for the batting. Place the batting inside the ruffled edge.


Flip your heart over and pin securely in place (keeping batting in place). Now, stitch to your heart’s desire (no pun intended). I stitched a 1/2″ in the heart from the heart/ruffle seam to catch the batting underneath and hold it in place, then again right next to the seam on the heart, and then, in the “ditch” of the ruffle seam. If you are stitching it to a quilt, it may be a little thick, so, take your time. If you’re having trouble, perhaps try a walking foot.



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  2. Thank you! Love this quilt.

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