Serger-Made Baby Bib Tutorial

April 15, 2015 in Projects

These little reversible cuties are so easy to make and super fun to give as gifts!

Totally Stitchin': Serger-Made Baby Bib Tutorial

I just whipped one up for my newest little niece, Everly! (Burp cloth tutorial to come)!


Supplies for the Serger-Made Baby Bib Tutorial:

  • Sewing machine and serger (if you don’t have a serger, follow this tutorial)
  • All purpose sewing thread and 4 spools of serger thread (I used a contrasting thread so that it would stand out)
  • 2 coordinating fabric pieces that are at least 9″ x 12″ (I’d recommend flannel for at least one of the sides; I used flannel for both)
  • Print your FREE bib pattern (this is my first paper pattern, hope you like it)
  • Optional: 13″ ribbon trim
  • Snap closure and snap applicator

1. Print your bib pattern and tape the upper bib “straps” to the lower bib portion. Then, cut your 2 layers (your front and back) of fabric out on the fold. DON’T cut the large fold open, but DO cut the upper, small fold open to create the opening for the bib flaps.




2. Cut and stitch your ribbon on the front, as desired.


3. Optional step: It’s pretty cute to personalize the bib! Here are several options to accomplish this: use an embroidery machine if you have one, pay someone to embroider it, find a patch embellishment to stitch to the bib, or sketch out the name and follow the outline with a straight stitch or a reinforced stitch on your sewing machine (my machine has a stitch that goes forward backward forward for each “stitch” so it creates a thicker stitch line like the look in the picture below…I actually used an embroidery machine to get the name below, but, it can be done with the sewing machine). Or, you could hand embroider the name. Lots of options! 🙂


Here’s a letter on the coordinating burp cloth that I sketched out and stitched around with the reinforced straight stitch on my sewing machine…just an idea to make it personalized without an embroidery machine! 🙂


4. Place front and back pretty sides together.


And, stitch a 1/4″ seam only where shown in the picture below (along the edges of the 2 flaps and around the neck hole).

Clip the 2 little corners and that crazy circle curve.


Flip right side out, making the corners pretty.



And, press flat.


5. Set your serger up for a 4-thread overcasting stitch. You’ll want your stitch length at 2.5 and your width at M or 6.5. This does take a little practice, so, you might practice serging some double layer curves before the real deal! You’ll start at the top left strap and follow the curve all the way around the top of the right side strap, lifting your foot to flatten the fabric and even it out, as necessary. Take your time!


There are different ways to finish your serger ends. I like to just cut my tails off and zig-zag stitch with my sewing machine on the ends to keep the serger ends from coming undone.



5. Add your snap!

IMG_5925 copy

And, you’re done! Happy Serging! Be on the look out for the coordinating Serged Burp Cloth Tutorial! 🙂 Happy Serging! I always love to see what you’re making with our projects here at Totally Stitchin’! Post some pictures on our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page!!




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2 responses to Serger-Made Baby Bib Tutorial

  1. I thought that was cute & looked easy.
    Carolyn Madeley

  2. Great diagram And instructions and adorable results. Thanks for sharing.

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