Serger-Made Bunting Tutorial

April 6, 2015 in Projects

Bunting adds so much festivity and color to a party, and this easy bunting tutorial is the perfect project for any get together!

Totally Stitchin': Serger-Made Bunting Tutorial

It’s really awesome when you can make your own out of fabric because it can be used over and over again (passed around to family and friends for their parties, too)! You can also customize the length and size of the pennants! It can be laundered if it needs it, but, it can also be ironed (which is an added bonus for re-use)! I made this fun bunting for a baby shower for my sister’s second baby, or “sprinkle,” as it is termed for second “lighter” showers. And thus, our theme was SPRINKLES! Yummy! 🙂 What’s really awesome about this tutorial is, it’s made completely with a serger…a perfect project for this April, Happy National Serger Month!! It’s so quick and fun!I do apologize, I don’t remember how much fabric I purchased. But, I got 6 coordinating fabrics and they were 9″ long and 7″ wide at the top (you can customize yours to whatever size you’d like). A 1/2 yard of each fabric will get you a lot of triangles for a decently long bunting! You’ll of course, need a serger, I got to use the Baby Lock Ovation (what an amazing serger…seriously) for this project! In addition, you’ll need 4 coordinating serger thread cones.

1. Cut your triangles (make them whatever size you’d like, mine were 9″ long by 7″ wide at the top). I made my triangles double-sided because both sides would be exposed and it’s sturdier (aka, the triangle won’t curl up at the point as easily as single layer fabric triangles). So, I cut double the triangles. After I cut a couple, I used them as patterns. Rotary cutting makes it really fast!


2. After cutting, double up your triangles.



3. Set up your serger for a 4-thread overcasting stitch. Now, we’ll serge the 2 long edges of each triangle. Don’t serge the top edges of your triangles yet! There’s 2 ways you could overcast the 2 long edges of your triangles. At first, I was serging the right long edge and then…



the left long edge. I started at the point for the left edge so that the stitch would look consistent on the fronts and backs, but, they don’t really look that different, so, you might not even worry about that! 🙂



I ended up adopting this technique and finishing up the rest this way, shown below. You simply serge the right long edge of a bunch at the same time. Start with and serge the right edge of “1” and then, place the right edge of “2” in and repeat for all that you have. Then, you’ll clip them apart and turn them over and serge the other long side.



4. Fray check your points. After they’ve dried, clip the serger tails off.



5. Next, decide what order you’d like to place your pennants in.



And, create stacks in that order. Then, take one from each pile, stacking them in order to create one large pile to take to the serger in the desired order.



6. Serge off about a 7″ tail before you begin (this may be used for hanging. Then, starting with the top triangle, overcast the top edge.



When you get close to the end, stop and overlap the next triangle underneath the previous about a 3/8.”



Continue serging, making sure they stay overlapped.



It looks so cool! 🙂



Continue until you’re done…so easy!!



Hang with thumb tacks.




Party time!


151Happy Serging! I always love to see what you’re making with our projects here at Totally Stitchin’! Post some pictures on our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page!!170

8 responses to Serger-Made Bunting Tutorial

  1. I Love this . I made one for my nieces baby shower I hosted. I gave it to her to take home and hang in the baby’s room.
    I think I’m going to make a mini one for my fairy garden.
    Thanks !
    A Stars and Stripes with added burlap for the 4th of July is next !

  2. Very Fun idea…and use up a lot of scraps…plus can be used for so many
    occasions…and for beginner Sergers a good practice as well…THANKS A LOT

  3. I love buntings and this is a great fast way to make them. You could stencil or embroider letters onto them also.

  4. THANK YOU!!! I have just recently purchased the Evolution and looking for great serger ideas to help me become more familiar with my machine!

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