Serger-Made Nursing Pad Tutorial

April 3, 2015 in Projects

If you have a serger, why buy nursing pads? They’re so easy and you can make them with scrap flannel and cotton batting (or, if you don’t have scraps, the materials are pretty minimal)! You can also customize to the size you’d like and the fabric you want!

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Supplies needed for this Nursing Pad Tutorial:

1. First, draw your circle. I drew once and used it as a pattern to cut several at the same time. A friend of mine suggested trying 6″ nursing pads because someone made some larger ones for her with her first baby and because they were larger, the lines didn’t show through her layered nursing camisole and shirt when worn. Awesome! So, that’s my recommendation: 6″ circles, but, you can cut to your desired size. I will say the 6″ is easier to use with the serger blade/foot.


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2. Layer the pad as follows: fabric, batting, fabric.


IMG_5760 copy

3. At this point you could take the layered circles to the serger, but, this little step helps keep the layers together as you are serging. Use a teflon coated foot or walking foot and if you have the option, lessen the presser foot pressure. Stitch 1/4″ over through all layers. If you’ve never sewn around a circle before, keep at it, it takes a little practice and technique! 🙂


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4. Now, with a 4-thread overcasting stitch with your serger, carefully and slowly serge around the edge of you circle. If you don’t have a serger, there are lots of overcasting stitches on most sewing machines (see here for a sewing machine overcasting foot; check your manual for overcasting stitches)! This also may take a little practice/technique! 🙂


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I trimmed where it was uneven. But, you may not even have to use the serger blade.


IMG_5764 copy

5. Back stitch over the ends of the overcasting to lock them in place; then trim your serger tail threads.


IMG_5766 copy

6. Lastly, press flat! And as easy as that, you’re done! 🙂


IMG_5768 copyIMG_5771 copyIMG_5772 copy

These make really great gifts for new moms who are planning on breastfeeding!


IMG_5782 copy

Happy National Serger Month! 🙂 Happy Serging! I always love to see what you’re making with our projects here at Totally Stitchin’! Post some pictures on our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page!!

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  1. Love this – new baby coming this month. Will make a stack.
    Thanks Stephanie!

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