Sew a Garment Bag for the Groomsmen

July 23, 2011 in Projects

Grooms men gifts,
Not only do we plan the entire wedding we also are “in charge” of the grooms-men gifts…Sure you can go to your local malls engraving store and get the typical mug or key chain for them but what about something that they really may enjoy using….A manly garment bag and or shoe bags with either their name or the school that you went to embroidered on it…
I came up with making a black “manly” garment bag as well as a shoe bag (I was just going to do the garment bag but while on vacation with my cousin noticed I had nice cloth shoe bags and he had plastic shopping bags and took interest in how he liked that idea… (They really do care about their shoes).
I knew for the garment bag I needed to personalize it for each individual person, finding their favorite color even asking what kind of lining they would like and with the input from them they felt like it was cool/ manly enough for them to use….

This is what I used and how I did it… OHHHHH and I got to use the button whole maker on Miss Sofia and can I say eeeaaaasssyyyy…

Garment Bag:
• 3 ½ yards of quilted fabric (you can use any fabric)
• 3 ½ yards of printed/solid fabric (for you lining)
-Begin by cutting two 55 x 27 inch pieces of both fabrics (total of 4).
-Select what you would like to embroider on the front of quilted fabric.
-Sew you quilted and lining together for both front and back.
-Measure out how far you want your button holes ( I did 2 inches apart) mark you spot using a disappearing fabric pen, measure out both front and back one for the buttons and the other for holes(so easy with Sofia).
-Once all the above steps are complete, sew the two pieces together leaving a two inch center opening on the top and also leaving the bottom open (we will button the bottom closed).

Shoe Bag:
• (1) 24 x 12 inches fabric of choice
• (1) 24 inches ribbon
-I like to fold and press my fabric in half to create a definite line for me to gage the center of my two pieces.
-Embroider chosen pattern, name, logo on one half.
-Hem both sides of the fabric.
-Hem top of fabric leaving enough space for the ribbon to be pulled through.
-Turn fabric inside out and sew the bottom and sides together leaving a ¬Ω inch opening at the top for the ribbon to come out.
– Feed the ribbon through the top opening for you pull closure.

Button Hole

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