Sew Much Fun With……Rice??

March 5, 2013 in Projects

Want an inexpensive project for kids?  Buy some rice, get out your scraps of fabric and let them go to town!

Making rice bags can be addicting and this is a great beginner project for both adults and kids.  The kids that take our beginning sewing class at Fabric Nosherie with Mrs. Virginia LOVE to make these!  You can make large, long sacks for a heating pad to relieve back pain, neck pain or tuck them under your blankets to warm you up.  Or, make smaller ones to put in your pockets to warm your hands on a cold day.

Did you know you could even freeze rice bags?  Small bags are great for those occasional (or if your kids are like mine – frequent) boo-boos your kids get or maybe you need to cool down on a hot day.  Those are just some ideas for the many uses of this easy and inexpensive project.

Here is what ya do:

  • Cut two pieces of fabric the same size.
  • Sew around all three sides, making sure to backstitch at both the beginning and ends of your stitch and partially around the 4th, leaving an opening to pour rice in.
  • Before filling, turn the bag right side out.  Fill the sack until it is approximately half full.  We have a funnel that we use so we don’t have to sweep or vacuum afterwards.  Note:  do NOT use instant rice. 😉
  • You can either hand stitch the hole closed or use your machine to top stitch all the way around the sack.  It will look a bit more finished if you decide to use your machine.  The rice can be pushed around so you don’t sew it.

Its so easy even my goofy kids can make them!  Happy Sewing! – Shannon



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