Sewing Made Simple, Thanks to Our Ancestors!

October 3, 2009 in General, Tips & Tricks

At¬†the beginning of time, people were creating clothing based on a “one size fits all” mentality.¬† This was all that they knew how to do.¬† Once style became a huge concern, people decided that they needed to follow that trend, and with this idea came the need for shape in their clothing.¬† This was made possible by patterns.¬† By the early 19th century, magazines started inserting little picture patterns for women to follow.¬† These wer2758032032_c535d2cfefe very difficult to¬†use since they were an inch in size.¬† In 1850, life-sized¬†patterns were made and being placed into magazines so people could¬† actually¬†use them.¬† This idea sparked many young pattern entrepreneurs, who are still successful companies today.¬† Thanks to these bright minds, we have the luxury of guidelines to our most complicated projects!

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