Smooth as a Baby Lock

July 17, 2012 in Machines, News

So, I don’t personally own the Melody Baby Lock sewing machine (shown above), but, I do own a few older versions of the Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice (and LOVE them). The newer version of the Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice looks very similar to the Baby Lock Melody (so, if I had to guess, the Melody is the newest model of that particular sewing machine…love the cute name)! Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment to comment on my Baby Lock sewing machine and if you are looking for a sewing machine, I highly recommend Baby Lock, perhaps the Melody or perhaps the Ellisimo Gold (which looks AMAZING by the way…maybe one day 😀 )! I have never been disappointed with my Baby Lock sewing machines, they all sew so quietly and smoothly (even the ones that have been student machines for several years now)! Many many of their capabilities have come in handy for me such as the computerized component and where the buttons are placed (making it more user friendly), the blind hem stitch, the stretch stitch, the several button hole options, the overcasting stitch, and so on!  And, I LOVE the scissors button…where would I be without it?!! I also love my Baby Lock Esante sewing and embroidery machine, it has a sewing component and also has embroidery capabilities. It’s simple to use and stitches out beautifully! Ok, that’s it…just wanted to let you know 😀

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