Sewn Throwback Thursday

October 9, 2014 in General

Old photos are so fun to reminisce over, aren’t they? They bring back so many meaningful moments. If I had to guess a lot of you have TBT (aka Throwback Thursday) photos of items that maybe your mom, grandma, or you yourself sewed. Sometimes, they bring back fond memories and sometimes they are just hysterical! Either way, we’d like to see your Sewn Throwback Thursday pictures of garments stitched for you or a family member and hear the story behind it!! Post your pictures and stories to our Totally Stitchin’ Facebook page! Check out a few of mine below! 🙂

My mom made these clown outfits for my sister and me for Halloween and they passed through the cousins and friends. I will say, I still give my mom trouble for that haircut (me on the left)! Also, the huge pink glasses…no words…except for I don’t think the glasses I wear now are that big. 🙂


These outfits have a funny story behind them…my mom didn’t sew a lot, but, she had gotten these patterns and July 4th themed fabric to make these cute rompers for my 2 sisters and I. She started with the oldest 2 girls similar in size…and almost completely made both of them before she realized how huge they were…she was using adult size patterns for kids (us)…ooops…maybe they’d fit now 😉 So, out with the old and in with the new idea to use the fabric remnants. She bought t-shirts and added ruffled fabric to make them dresses for the girls. OH man, this picture…we always took pictures looking into the sun…makes them brighter, right? But also, very eye squint-y! Again, I’m the one with the glasses and I’m pretty sure I have my hand on my brother’s shoulder muttering behind that smile “oh, just take the picture!” Another thing you may not be able to tell, but, my sisters and I…wait for it…ya, that’s right, we had American flag shoes to match.


We obviously liked them so much, my sister and I had to wear them on the first day of school. 🙂 Thanks Momma for the sewn-with-love outfits and memories! 🙂


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