Sprinkle Themed Baby Shower

April 10, 2015 in Inspiration

A couple of months ago, before my sister had this little snuggle bug, Miss Everly, we threw a sprinkle baby shower for this sweet bundle of joy. And, because it was a “sprinkle,” a friend had the idea to stick with the theme…sprinkles!

Totally Stitchin': Sprinkle Themed Baby Shower

This can make for such a fun theme; the tiny little candy topping can be so colorful!! And, as I have a strong affinity to sweets…yummy! Anyways, here’s a little inspiration for ya…and some ways you can incorporate your mad sewing/serging skills into the mix when throwing a party! 🙂


I whipped up the table runner (shown below) hastily, like a day before I had to leave (it was out-of-town) for the shower with some extra fabric (from JoAnns). This particular table runner is so easy! It’s basically 2 long rectangles pinned right sides together, stitched around the perimeter leaving a 6″ opening, turned right side out and sealed or top-stitched around the perimeter. I used another sparkly princess/fairy tale fabric on the backside (I’m thinking future birthday parties as both my sis and I have daughters now)! Want to hear more about the Diaper Cake shown below? Keep reading! 🙂

168 copy

I originally had this fun cupcake fabric in mind as my main/theme fabric for the party. I wanted to use it for the bunting and table runner. I’ve seen this particular fabric at Joanns forever, but, of course the week before the shower when I had the idea, they were out of it…so, I had a tiny amount of it left over from a project like a year ago and was able to use it on the front of the bunting. Don’t you know if was back in stock in my area the next week! 🙂 Anyways, I still love how it turned out! You can find the serger tutorial for this bunting, here! The colorful dots fabric became the main/theme fabric and I was okay with that too! 🙂



As it was so colorful, it was such a fun project to work with, but, it was also fast! And, well, I love the opportunity to use my Baby Lock Serger…it’s so awesome and stitches so pretty!


I threw the shower with a couple of my sister’s lovely friends. Jaclyn found some great sprinkle themed invites and made some yummy pretzels dipped in white chocolate and of course, sprinkles!

138 copy

We threw together some easy mini cupcakes made from a box cake mix with sprinkles in the batter! I found some coordinating cupcake liners to go with the theme colors. We didn’t have one of those handy dandy frosters (technical term). 🙂 To speed things up we put an icing tip in the corner of a gallon freezer bag (barely clipped off the corner of the bag), filled the bag with frosting, and iced those cupcakes much more quickly than with a butter knife. And for this party, they couldn’t be complete without…sprinkles on top! 🙂

149 copy

I don’t make sugar cookies very often, buuuut, I love them so very much! So, I jumped at the chance to make these for a sprinkle-themed shower! Mmmmm, yummy…just looking at the pictures! These took a little while, but, were made completely the night before. Totally worth it!! I love how they turned out!

153 copy

154 copy

169 copy

This gumball bowl and place mat were a fun addition! It wasn’t exactly cheap to fill such a large bowl with this many gumballs (6 bags and I still had to scrunch some fabric in the bottom to lift them up a bit), but, again, totally worth it! You can typically find these pretty gumballs at the local party store or I found these at Walmart. I thought they added to the aesthetics nicely and looked like over-sized sprinkles. 🙂

156 copyI whipped this “dectagonal” (not a word, but you get it, right? not octagonal, but dectagonal) 🙂 place mat with my Baby Lock Serger and leftover triangles from my bunting! I didn’t even finish the edges it was so last minute!

162 copy 165 copy

I’ve only made like 3 Diaper Cakes, so I’m no expert on them, but, they make such a pretty centerpiece for a baby shower/sprinkle and a great gift! You can also use those sewing skills to add to it by making bows for baby girl cakes, bow ties for boys, a ruffle to hot glue to the cake plate, maybe a receiving blanket to either place in the middle of the cake (where I have a towel) or around one of the layers, burp cloths or bibs to roll up in place of a diaper…just some ideas! 🙂 Find the tutorial on how to make this and more sewing ideas/projects at this Totally Stitchin’ tutorial: Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial + Some Sewing!


134 - Copy copy146

142 - Copy copy

All in all, a really sweet party to throw for such special people. We threw this shower about a week after Christmas and the shower was actually at my sister’s house because most of us were from out of town. I told her that her Christmas decorations clashed with the party decor! 🙂 She’s so cute!

166Looking for a different idea for a baby shower? I had some friends that are major STL Cardinal’s baseball fans and they were having a baby girl, so, we threw a Baseball Shower for a baby girl, STL Cardinal’s, of course! 🙂 This Diaper Cake gives you a few more ideas, as well!



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