Stash Guide Printable

July 31, 2012 in Projects

Keep your fabric organized with a Stash Guide. I put together this free printable to share with you all because, let’s be honest, our stash bins can be a bit overwhelming if they aren’t well organized.

Here is what I was thinking as I created the Stash Guide Cards….

First, I wanted to make them business card size, so they are manageable and portable. Manageable so you can easily flip through them to see what fabric you have in your stash without digging through bins, boxes, etc. And, portable so you can take one (or all) of them to the fabric store.

Second, there are two ways to store the Stash Guide Cards: on a loose leaf ring or in clear plastic sleeves that have slots for business cards.

I like to keep my stash categorized by purpose of the fabric, like interfacing, batting, quilting, etc., and each category has it’s own drawer or bin. With these cards, I know exactly what type and how much fabric I have and where I have it stored. I love being able to just flip through these cards instead of digging through my stash.

Now it’s your turn to get organized! There are 10 cards per 8.5 x 11in page.  Click here to download the Stash Guide Cards.

*Side note: the Stash Guide Cards need to be printed on thick card stock for durability purposes.

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