Stitchin’… Truckers?

April 11, 2010 in News

The Wall Street Journal recently posted this awesome story about truck drivers who sew. Due to the economy, there’s less freight to haul… and consequentially, more free time on the road. So, many truckers are turning to sewing, knitting and quilting to pass the time… or even dreaming up patterns while they drive. How cute is that?


Via Wall Street Journal

1 response to Stitchin’… Truckers?

  1. Okay so I couldn’t pass by this one without writing. Not only does my family farm but we also have a few semi’s so my husband does some custom hauling for a few company’s. There have been times when he delivers seed to the husband and Mary Kay/ embroidered items to the wife. Now that’s a good man!! I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone that story…….oops!

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