Super Hero Cape Tutorial

April 2, 2012 in Projects

My sons were beginning to get jealous of all the cute, girly items we’ve been sewing and embroidering. So, it was their turn. . . Super hero capes! It was super easy. . . we made two in one night on our Ellure Plus.

Supplies needed:
1.  Two different colors of fabric (a yard was plenty for a 4 year old size).  We used flannel since it was on sale in bright colors and it was easy to work with. Satin would also be a good choice and would probably look more authentic superhero.  🙂

2.  Felt/fabric squares or embroidery design for emblem

3.  Velcro squares for closure

Step 1:

Wash and dry fabric

Step 2:

Create a template of the cape with a piece of scrap material (we used a flour sack towel).  A fabric pattern was easier to use than paper because we could try it on the kids for size and fit because it was similar to the material of the finished product.  To draw the neckline we used a bib as a model to help determine the shape of the neck opening.  When cutting the pattern out we folded it back on itself to make sure it was symmetrical (Kind of like how you would cut out a heart).


Template folded in half












Step 3:

Trace the pattern on your fabric pieces and cut them out.  We used one color for the top/outside and another one for the bottom lining.

Pattern traced on one piece of cape











Step 4:

If you want to put an emblem or name on the cape, create a design out of felt or other fabric.  Another idea would be to embroider a name or design on the cape.  My son was pretty adamant on having a “J” in a circle for Super Jack, so I chose felt instead of embroidering a design.  Sew or embroider the design on the outer color fabric (Before sewing the cape pieces together so you can hide the stitches inside the cape). I just got the software, MonogramWorks, and found some fonts that would look really cute on a future cape or other superhero apparel.

Emblem made from felt squares












Step 5:

Place “good” sides of the cape fabric together and pin them so the pieces line up.  Sew around the sides and top of the cape leaving the bottom open so you can flip it back right side out.   I used a pencil to push the narrow ends of the neck closure through when I turned it right side out.

Ready to sew










Step 6:

After it is right side out, sew the bottom edge closed by folding edges inside cape and finishing with a stitch across the bottom.

Closeup of bottom seam









Step 7:

Sew velcro squares on edges of neck pieces.

Velcro closure









Watch out for flying superheroes all over your house! 🙂

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