Superhero Dash Costume DIY

July 8, 2014 in Inspiration, Tips & Tricks

So, this is what happens when you marry a superhero fanatic and you happen to sew! :)

My husband just ran in a Superhero Dash here in the STL a couple of weekends ago and we collaborated up an outfit that would work as a costume and would also be comfortable to run in. So, here he is, Batman’s sidekick, and here is how I accomplished this superhero’s Robin-inspired workout costume! It was such a fun sew!

Totally Stitchin': Super Hero Dash Costume DIY

At first, my husband was looking for some green leggings or shorts that would work for Robin, but, as active wear is pretty expensive, I mentioned that I had a leggings pattern and that purchasing fabric could be less expensive. Plus, leggings are so easy to make! I dug through my pattern stash and found the leggings pattern for the “tights” (we used McCalls 5769.  I think it is out of print now, but there are other legging patterns out there). We were going to use a regular ‘ol knit fabric, but instead found a swimwear/active wear fabric (purchased with a coupon!) that we thought could be nice for running. So, I made the leggings almost entirely with my Baby Lock Evolution serger! All seams were sewn with a 4 thread overcast stitch, I zig-zagged the elastic in place in the waistband with my Baby Lock Quilter’s Choice sewing machine (here is the updated version of my machine), and cover hemmed both the waistband down and the pant leg hems with my Baby Lock serger! They look store bought! :) Then, we bought a cheap red shirt (a size smaller than he’d normally wear) and I stitch ripped the sleeves off and used them as a pattern to then reapply green sleeves (after I embroidered). Scroll down for more info. on the embroidery! :)

Totally Stitchin': Super Hero Dash Costume DIY

So, for Robin’s “R” logo, you could find a patch somewhere, I’m sure! Orrrrr, you could check out the Silhouette cutter machine and applique the Licensed Robin Logo Silhouette design onto the tee!! :)

Cool note on the applique rectangle “buckles” on Robin’s abdomen: I actually created my own applique with some of the pre-programmed embroidery designs that came on my machine. I just picked the straight stitch rectangle shape option and made it the size that I wanted. Then, placed another rectangle, made it the exact same size and place. And, finally, placed the same shape in satin stitch over the top, same size. If you’ve done machine embroidery applique before, this makes sense (straight stitch shape, lay fabric down, straight stitch shape, cut around stitching, satin stitch to cover raw edges). :) I had to do this 3 times for each buckle (which can be easily created on a embroidery software program as well, but, it was pretty easy on the machine too)! Then, for each design, to avoid chaffing, ironed some soft lightweight interfacing to the backside of each embroidery design.

For the cape, I used a swimwear/active wear fabric as well…I just kind of improvised with the cape’s shape (just cut and left the raw edge since swimwear fabric doesn’t really fray) and stitched it on with my sewing machine! :)

Totally Stitchin': Super Hero Dash Costume DIY

So, now we have his Halloween costume, as well! :) We thought my one-year-old could be batman lol :)

Update 7/31/15: Check out this Totally Stitchin’ post to see our family Halloween costumes and get great tutorials on some awesome superheroes!

Happy Sewing!


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  1. Ive been looking everywhere for The perfect robin costume and you made it :) i dont sew sadly found you on image search of robin lol my email address is if there is anyway you could make me an exact one you mafe id be willing to pay please email me thank you
    Joel munoz

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