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Tote-ally Quick Tote-orial

November 28, 2012 in News, Projects

  With Christmas right around the corner, these quick, easy, and very cute tote bags make great gifts! Personalize your tote by using cute fabric your recipient will LOVE! If you have an embroidery machine, embroider out their name on the pocket...if you don't have one just exclude this step or iron on a cute patch or stitch some cute ric-rac ...

How to Machine Embroider on Towels!

November 18, 2012 in Tips & Tricks

 Embroidered towels make great Christmas gifts! There are a few things you should take care to do when embroidering on towels. Use a 14 or 11 embroidery needle. You'll need a tear-away or wash-away stabilizer and what is called a topping (click here for topping products). A topping is used on top of the plush fabric you are using and ...

Adding Creativity to Your T-Shirt Quilt – Part II

December 11, 2011 in Projects

In Part 1, we discussed making a  basic t-shirt quilt with no sashing between t-shirts, no batting, a microfleece (or other fabric) backing, and no binding. In Part 2, we are discussing other options and creative touches. Items to discuss in Part II of Making a T-Shirt Quilt: 1. Making Creative Squares 2. Mixing applique in 3. Printing a picture on fabric and using ...

The Coolest Take on “Craft Show”

November 22, 2011 in News

Have you had success in craft shows? If so, what do you sell? Are there shows that you have found to be better than others? I tried one in October and it turned out to be a bust and what felt like a waist of time. However, I am trying another one this weekend that was recommended by a friend who ...
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