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by Susan G

Christmas Countdown Tutorial

December 10, 2012 in News, Projects

It's a few days late, but I finally completed my Christmas Countdown banner (Or Advent Calendar).  It was not very difficult, but a little tedious with different parts and steps. I did it all on my Ellure Plus! We can fill each pocket with a surprise for my kids to count down the days until Santa comes. Materials Needed: [caption id="attachment_8282" align="alignright" ...

by Susan G

Sew a Simple Christmas Tree

November 18, 2012 in News, Projects

I was searching online for new Christmas embroidery designs.  I could not decide if I wanted a Christmas tree, Santa, or snowman.  There are so many to choose from.  I decided to try a" free hand" sewn Christmas tree on a white shirt for my daughter. It was really easy and did not take long.  I found a plain white turtleneck ...

by Susan G

Doorway Puppet Theater Tutorial

August 16, 2012 in Projects

My kids are getting very theatrical and are enjoying putting on skits and puppet shows (daily).  I decided to make them a curtain that can be used for both types of shows.  It was very easy to make on my Ellure Plus and does not take long at all (I did the whole thing during nap time-what a fun surprise ...

by Susan G

Super Hero Cape Tutorial

April 2, 2012 in Projects

My sons were beginning to get jealous of all the cute, girly items we've been sewing and embroidering. So, it was their turn. . . Super hero capes! It was super easy. . . we made two in one night on our Ellure Plus. Supplies needed: 1.  Two different colors of fabric (a yard was plenty for a 4 year old size).  ...

by Stacey

Making Old Fashions New Again

September 30, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

I recently cleaned out my closet.  A task that I dread, but it must be done at least once every couple years.  I don’t know; maybe if I didn’t wait so long, it wouldn’t be such a chore, but I always seem to find something better to do with my time.  I couldn’t believe some of the things that I ...

by Stacey

The First Sewing Project

June 2, 2011 in Tips & Tricks

Do you remember your first sewing project?  Mine was a little doll kit that came with my first sewing machine.  I think I was in the first grade.  That year for Christmas I received a Mattel Sew Perfect sewing machine, it was one of the best presents Santa ever brought. [caption id="attachment_4808" align="aligncenter" width="399" caption="Mattel Sew Perfect Sewing Machine"][/caption] This weekend while ...
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