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by Kendra

Fabric Name Game

May 11, 2009 in General

When you create something how do you choose a name? Do you name it after yourself, you location, your materials, your inspiration? Do you ever think, "How did they pick that name"? Some fabrics are named for the cities they were created in. For example, Cashmere comes from Kashmir, a region in India. This region is home to the goats where ...

Recycling Old Pairs Of Jeans

July 23, 2008 in Tips & Tricks

One of my first experiences with sewing - and recycling, for that matter - was in 6th Grade Camp. Before we left, each student had to make a bag out of an old pair of blue jeans. It was so simple: cut off a leg, sew up one end, hem and fold over the other and voilà! The other day I ...
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